September 30, 2011

Happy Friday Find

A busy, busy week here at Giggleberry HQ - seems Christmas shopping and party season has hit as bunting of all sorts is flying out the door!

I had to share this little print I found from Artocrat on etsy. This You Make Me Happy colourful love art is just too cute!!
Happy Friday x

September 26, 2011

Bunting Swap - flags all made and sent!

Remember I told you I was joining in on Sqiggly Rainbow's Bunting Swap in this post HERE? Well over the weekend I got my 10 'bunts' or single flags sewn up and sent off to my 10 different swap 'buddies'.

The rules of the Bunting Swap state that you had to use up scraps that you already had but the flags did not have to go by the typical triangular shape and can be made from any materials other than paper. So with that in mid I raided my fabric cupboard and pulled out some scraps then dug through some fun & colourful ric rac I had left over from another project and got sewing!

What do you think? a fun mix of 'bunts' I reckon :)

Some are the same fabric on both sides, some are different, some have ric rac on two edges some only one side but I think all of them are pretty Giggleberry fun :)
Now I just have to sit back and wait for Mr Postman to bring me my 10 'bunts'... I'll be sure to share!!

September 21, 2011

Halloween Wreath DIY

I am a lover of Halloween! I wish Australia embraced it more and we decorated our homes etc just like the all out awesomeness you see in the US! Hubby and I were in the States the week before Halloween in 2007 and I could have just driven around the streets all day looking at the homes covered in webs, grave yards in the front lawns, fake witches & ghosts flying over roof tops & orange pumpkins everywhere!!

Last year I carved my first pumpkin and it sat on our door step for Halloween but this year I want to do a little more to make the house look spooky fun!

With the help of trusty (and addictive) Pinterest I spotted a few wreath options but this one caught my eye the most - seriously how cute and fun is that! Originally from Better Homes and Gardens HERE this wreath is just too easy to not make one... so I did!

I made mine a little different to the Better Homes and Gardens instructions but just as easy and still as cute, I think :)

With just a wire coat hanger wrapped in two black feather boas I had the base wreath done. Then with a pack of 6 ping pong balls and some googly eyes I hot glue gunned on the eye balls (I think it could do with some more, maybe in a smaller size?) then add a orange and black ribbon bow and you're done - Easy!

My delivery guy will have a giggle when he knocks on my door in October!


September 20, 2011

Toy Tool Bench - take 2!

This weekend just gone my nephew, Oskar, turned 4.
What do you get a 4 year old boy?? How about a bedside table re purposed into a toy tool bench! Remember HERE I had turned an old bedside table we had in our shed into a tool bench for Harris? well that bedside table was one in a set of two so Oskar's gift was all orgainsed - Yay!
To make this one a little different I decided to personalise it. I found the very helpful Dee of Basement Designs and asked if she could help me. Dee came up with a cool personalised 'Warning' decal for the peg board of the tool bench and even express mailed it to me as I left it rather late to get it all done (Thanks Dee). I quick splash of paint, the very cool decal, some hooks and toy tools and I was thrilled with how it all came together!

Needless to say Oskar thought it was AWESOME!
We spent the day together celebrating his day in style at Taronga zoo. We haven't been to the zoo for 2 years so my kiddies and their cousins had a blast!!

Milla is a total map lover so she was 'team leader' for the day sending us of in all kinds of directions to hunt down all the animals.

We watched the seal show, patted the farm animals in the kiddie section, talked to the giraffes and Harris, who wanted to see dinosaurs at the zoo, was satisfied with a few big lizards and some slithery snakes. It was a huge day and both kids were asleep in the car before we got out of the zoo car park!

September 19, 2011

New Stockist - Sweet Little Birdy!

I have been a BIG fan and shopper over at Sweet Little Birdy for a long time and am thrilled to now include this gorgeous shop as a stockist of Giggleberry Creations buntings.

Check out all of the stunning items Sweet Little Birdy has in store HERE

September 16, 2011

Happy Friday Find

Last night I must have had a VERY restful sleep because I woke up this morning with way too much energy! After the usual eat-breakfast-get-kids-ready routine I jumped head first into Spring cleaning!
The whole family have had their cupboards cleaned out and we have 2 huge garbage bags of stuff to give to charity. Floors were vacuumed or mopped, windows and mirrors cleaned, bathrooms scrubbed and I even moved the two little kids rooms around just for fun!!

It feels great to get everything fresh, de-cluttered and clean. And to have it all done on a Friday leaves the whole weekend free to just enjoy Spring! which is where I found my inspiration for today's Happy Friday Find. This fun and happy print is a FREE downloadable file over at Beautiful Mess blog

I hope you enjoy your Spring weekend too. Happy Friday xx

September 13, 2011

Media... sort of :)

Early last week I was asked by a customer if I do custom orders. "Of course" I said and with that she sent through an image via email that she had snapped from 'a home magazine' of some bunting that she loved and wanted to know if I could make something similar.

I took one look at the image (above) and had to giggle - it was Giggleberry bunting!!
with further investigation I found out the magazine in question was the February issue of Australian House and Garden!

The article in which the image appears is titled 'All About Ease' and features a gorgeous home in Sydney. I am thrilled to my bones to know someone loved their Giggleberry bunting so much they had it hanging proudly for a magazine photo shoot!

Article by: Rose-Maries Hillier. Photography by: Prue Ruscoe

September 12, 2011

Socks for your hobby horse!

Remember way back HERE when I told you about Milla finding 'Monday' her absolutely gorgeous handmade hobby horse from Calamity Bolt? well since then another horse has joined our family. The latest addition is a handsome red and navy stallion (just like THIS ONE) owned by Harris that he has named 'Rocket'.
These two horse are adored by my kids and are ridden almost every day whether being raced, used as brave horses by the King (Harris) and princess (Milla) or even just quietly sitting being 'fed' and 'watered' by their owners.
I took this quick clip a few months ago of the horses 'in action' just before dinner one night and had to send it to Elke who is the uber clever maker of these stunning horses.

When Elke saw the clip she told me about her latest addition to the Calamity Bolt range - Riding Socks!

Now I have never minded the tap tap tap of the wooden stick on the tiles as the kiddies run around on their horses but these socks are just too cute right?! Made from 'pre-loved denim plus thick knit weave and with hand-stitched detail for a snug fit' these babies are such a great idea!
And look now - just as loved but now more gentle on the floor - wonderful!!

Thanks again Calamity Bolt - we love our goodies from you!!

September 11, 2011

Giggleberry Gourmet Garden is Growing!

Our little veggie garden is going strong!!

The beetroot, broccoli, onions, garlic and carrots are growing and growing and looking fabulous!!

& we have one VERY healthy continuous crop of rocket and coriander so have been making lots of yummy pesto.

Over the past few weekends we have been taking advantage of the new season and added tomatoes, capsicums, sweet corn, oregano, thyme, rosemary and a chili plant to the garden! Next is to hang our special strawberry planter and start growing juicy strawberries for summer, Yum!!
We aren't the only ones who think it's all yummy - it seems a few little green naughty caterpillars have moved in on our lettuce & broccoli! Just look at those poor chewed leaves!

So this weekend Milla, Harris and I went Caterpillar Hunting. The kids LOVED this! Milla befriended her little bucket full and read them The Very Hungry Caterpillar book while Harris spent AGES just playing with, giggling and holding his new green buddies!!


September 9, 2011

Happy Friday Find

Check these cuties out!! Bunting Undies!!!

Named "Celebration Shorts" from I think they are so much fun! Just not sure if I like the blue or the red ones best? Maybe I *need* both :)
Happy Friday xx

September 6, 2011

Guest post at Little Wed Hen

Thanks to the gorgeous Stephanie from Little Wed Hen blog for asking me to do a guest post on all things weddings with bunting!!

I had a ball putting this post together and now want to get married all over again just to use some (or all) of the bunting ideas I shared.
Check out the whole blog post HERE and be sure to let me know if you have other ideas of how to add bunting to a wedding day!!

September 5, 2011

50m custom order of bunting!!

Early last week I was asked if I could fill a custom order. A custom order for 50 metres of brightly coloured bunting!
"Of course" I said and I jumped right in!!

With all the flags cut and pinned I was ready to sew!

It was a good feeling to be sewing the final flag of the 250 into place on the 50m ribbon!

My little 'assistant' wanted to snap some pics too (thanks Milla)

Hanging things on my clothes line has never been so festive!

This order is off in the post ready for the festival it was ordered for - Hooray!

September 4, 2011

Father's Day 'Party'

While food shopping on Tuesday this week Milla asked why we were buying 'pancake sauce' (maple syrup) so I told her mummy would make pancakes for dad for Father's Day. This lead to questions about Father's Day and the easiest way I found to explain it was to tell Milla it's like a party day for all the daddies.... "Can we have a party for dad?" she asked (girl after my own party planning heart) and it was decided that on Sunday we would have a Father's Day Breakfast Party!

So a little party put into action in 5 days - no worries. I went straight to Catch My Party to find some FREE Father's Day printables. Next I pulled out my Chalk Board Speech Bubble (I knew that thing would come in handy) and took some pics of the kids with D A D on the chalk board. After a quick sneaky trip to Office Works to print it all off I had everything cut, made and ready to go.
At the last minute the gorgeous ladies from The Inspiried Occasion express posted some glass milk bottles to us for out chocolate milkshake breakfast party drinks and we were ready for the 'party'.

This morning we told hubby to stay in bed until we came to get him and then headed into the kitchen to prepare the 'party'.


Table setting


Pancakes & Coffee

And some very satisfied party guests!

Happy Father's Day!!!!