September 5, 2011

50m custom order of bunting!!

Early last week I was asked if I could fill a custom order. A custom order for 50 metres of brightly coloured bunting!
"Of course" I said and I jumped right in!!

With all the flags cut and pinned I was ready to sew!

It was a good feeling to be sewing the final flag of the 250 into place on the 50m ribbon!

My little 'assistant' wanted to snap some pics too (thanks Milla)

Hanging things on my clothes line has never been so festive!

This order is off in the post ready for the festival it was ordered for - Hooray!


JustForDaisy said...

Fabulous! :) I love sewing bunting but 50m is quite something!

Anonymous said...

That is GORG! It looks so pretty hanging on the clothesline. Whoever said "Less is More" has NOT seen 50m of bunting.I think you may be about to sell alot more of these...Angela.