September 18, 2017

Minecraft Easter Hat Parade

This year was the last year my babies (soooo not babies anymore but I can dream) had an Easter hat parade to be a part of. At the Jnr Giggleberry's school they only do a hat parade up to a certain grade so Little Miss Giggleberry has finished and Master Giggleberry's final year was this year.
With that being the case I let him have free reign of choice for what to have on his head...... we hit Pinterest together and he spotted a Minecraft inspired one and exclaimed "YES". Decision made.
I purchased a Minecraft Creeper head (I probs could have made one but, ugh, too hard) and then added green cardboard ears and white cardboard teeth to turn it into a Creeper bunny.
Master Giggleberry and I then painted some foam easter craft eggs together. Then, using electrical tape of all colours we cut tiny squares and turned each painted egg into a Minecraft animal/character/TNT.The hot glue gun then got busy to attach them to the Creeper bunny..... TaDah!

One much loved hat by my boy, his mates and teachers.... too fun!