September 16, 2011

Happy Friday Find

Last night I must have had a VERY restful sleep because I woke up this morning with way too much energy! After the usual eat-breakfast-get-kids-ready routine I jumped head first into Spring cleaning!
The whole family have had their cupboards cleaned out and we have 2 huge garbage bags of stuff to give to charity. Floors were vacuumed or mopped, windows and mirrors cleaned, bathrooms scrubbed and I even moved the two little kids rooms around just for fun!!

It feels great to get everything fresh, de-cluttered and clean. And to have it all done on a Friday leaves the whole weekend free to just enjoy Spring! which is where I found my inspiration for today's Happy Friday Find. This fun and happy print is a FREE downloadable file over at Beautiful Mess blog

I hope you enjoy your Spring weekend too. Happy Friday xx

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