August 31, 2010

Spotted on Style MILK

A HUGE thanks to Louise from Little Humbugs for including Giggleberry in her fun guest post on Style MILK blog.

After I clicked on the 'about' tab on Style MILK & read the following I was even more honored to have been included in the polka dot post!!:

"Style MILK is a blog dedicated to everything that is stylish and inspirational! Fashion, Interiors, handmade and kids style…if it is beautiful in design then it will be featured on Style MILK! We feature Australian Fashion Designers as well as the very best in international Style. Inspired by Inside Out magazine and other fantastic publications Style MILK also regularly features interiors and nurseries"

Thanks Louise xxx

August 25, 2010

The Decal Tree

Hooray! We are in our new house, unpacked and LOVING it!!! It was a action packed weekend moving but with babysitting help from my wonderful mother in law we had it all done much faster than we thought.
It might seem a little crazy but as we were childless for the night and we hadn't yet put together the kids beds etc (and with a bit of general 'new house' excitement) I decided, at about 7pm on the day we moved in, I would 'play' with the huge tree decal I had bought for Milla's room.

Before: Blank wall in Milla's room


This was such a fun project, a BIG project but a fun one!

The decal (from this etsy shop) came in about 57,000 pieces... alright maybe not that many but there were allot! The trunk was in two sections, each branch was one piece, then there was the smaller branches, each animal was separate, each acorn, and every individual leaf - I didn't mind though because that gave me a bit of 'creative license' to make it however I wanted.

The process:

The tree trunk and beginning to place the branches

branches all done

All the birdies, nest, squirrel and acorns in place - at this point it was about 10pm and the day of moving house had hit me so I packed up for the night and went to bed.

Up bright and early the next day (after a lovely breakfast out with my gorgeous hubby) I started placing the leaves on the tree - Biggest one's first.

about 2hrs later all leaves were in place and the tree was complete! Yay! I then quickly set up Milla's bed and toys ready for her to come home at lunch time to her new bedroom.... she LOVES it and says goodnight to all the decal animals at night!

August 20, 2010

Giggleberry spotted on Amy Atlas!!

What a thrill it was to see some custom ordered Giggleberry Creations bunting on the AMAZING Amy Atlas blog!!

Remeber I was showing you HERE, just the other day customer feedback photos from the super cute 'Preppy Turtle' party that Paper & Pigtails threw?... Well Amy Atlas seemed to also think it was super cute and featured it this week on her blog HERE. You can see a few pics of the hot pink and lime green custom bunting I was asked to make for the dessert table.

I got to tell you, this put the giggle in Giggleberry when I saw it. Amy Atlas is like a God in dessert table styling world!!

August 18, 2010

The Giggleberry's new house

Welcome to the Giggleberry's new house!

Settlement officially finished today at 3pm and we had keys in our hands at 4pm - Yay! So the kids and I picked hubby up from work like normal then went to our new place (via Maccas) and had a little floor picnic in our home!

The royal tour started with Milla's room - she wanted to know where her bed was?!?

Next on the agenda was to see the blue bathroom we have been telling her about...

and look a fancy bath!! Woohoo!

we then made sure each room had a cupboard we could hide in. Check.

and Harris thought he better check the plumbing in the laundry.

Kitchen checks out okay.

but of course no visit to our new place would be complete without a good play/climb/slide on the new cubby house!!

We can't wait to move in on Saturday and start setting up all our furniture and things!!

New Stockist - Iddy Biddy Boo

Yay, I am thrilled to introduce you all to Giggleberry's latest stockist, Iddy Biddy Boo.

Based in Ballarat Victoria, Iddy Biddy Boo is an online children's boutique with some VERY gorgeous and unique items... (I'm LOVING the room signs and think Santa needs to take a little look at them)
Take a look HERE for the range of Giggleberry buntings available through Iddy Biddy Boo.

August 17, 2010

Media - CLEO Magazine

A few months ago I was contacted by the lifestyles editor of CLEO magazine about my Gigglebbery Creations bunting banners. We had a quick chat via email and there wasn't much thought to it after that... until today.

Thanks to the keen eye of Kristen, I was told to pop into my local newsagent and grab a copy of the September issue of CLEO Magazine and flick to page 72.
Right there in the 'What's Now' page was '15 reasons we heart etsy' and the number one item on that list is; Giggleberry Creations!!

Now that is one fabulous way to put the giggle in Giggleberry!! Be sure to grab a copy to check it out for yourself.

Customer Feedback Photos

How unbelievably CUTE is this party!! A pink and green 'Preppy Turtle' themed pool party for one very sweet little 3 year old.

This cutie is the daughter of Kori from Paper & Pigtails and was the host of one rather fun birthday bash. Be sure to check out the Paper & Pigtails blog for heaps more photos and details from the day - they are sooooo worth the look!

Thanks so much Kori for including Giggleberry in the day's decorations and a HUGE thanks for sharing these stunning photos!

August 16, 2010

New Packaging and a sweet treat from Giggleberry

A few fun new additions can be spotted in your order from Giggleberry Creations.
Thanks to the very talented and super fast work of Sally from Your Shop Name Here we have some very cute new corner bag toppers.

Before these arrived the cello bags that Giggleberry bunting are packaged in had a lonely sticker on them - nice but not as fabulous as the new look (I LOVE the uniqueness of the corner topper and that they are triangular just like our flags, Yay) - Thanks Sally!

The other new yummy goodie you will find in your Giggleberry package is a pack of 'Giggle Berries'! I am soooo excited about these little bags of mini green jelly beans (that I have re-named 'giggle berries'). I love including them into packages before they head into the mail and hope you guys will love your little treat :)

This bundle of 'Giggle Berries' is headed to Victoria to be included in the goodie bags that will be handed out to the first 100 shoppers at the next Sugar and Spice Markets on September 12th at St Ambrose Hall, Woodend - Yum!


August 14, 2010

Customer Feedback Photos - with a cause!

How could I resist and not share these stunning photos taken by the very talented Hayley of Hayley Johnson Photography!! Hayley happened to purchase a set of Giggleberry bunting a few months ago to use as props in her photo shoots (see HERE) so when she contacted me over the weekend to share more snaps that had the bunting in I was so excited to see.

They are just so delicious in every way... colour, setting, soft lighting. Then as I read the email Hayley had sent me I was blown away even more by this talented lady. Hayley has started 'Little Cherubs Foundation'

Dedicated to documenting the families of children who suffer from life threatening illness in the Wagga Wagga and Riverina, NSW Region. It is the hope of Little Cherubs to capture, and share the love and the beautiful profound moments in each family's lives for eternity, through the gift of beautiful portraits.
Reading this left me speechless, such a beautiful and heartwarming gift Hayley is giving by taking these photos.

As I said, Little Cherubs is brand new so the first angel to have her potraits taken was this little cutie, Eloise.

One of the most innocent and sweet little faces I have ever seen. Please take the time to read Eloise's story HERE!

Thank you, again, Hayley for sharing these photos and more importantly for giving your gift to families! xx