July 31, 2012

Custom Ordered Bunting & Flower Girl Sign

How could I not share this recent custom order with you? it's just too sweet!
I received an email from one excited bride who was running out of time to make some bunting, she had intended to do herself, asking if I could help and of course I said - No worries. In a colour pallet of white, beige, cream and soft peach the banner is to be hung right along the bridal table at the wedding reception.
Also in the email I was asked if I could create a sign of some sort that could be carried by the 4 year old Flower Girl as she walks down the aisle in front of the bride. The sign was to read "Uncle Matt, Here she comes!" - what a seriously adorable idea and a gorgeously unique addition to the wedding ceremony.

After a little more chatting about fabrics etc we decided on hessian for the sign with white lettering and I think it turned out rather sweet - what do you think?

July 27, 2012

Happy Friday Find!

On Sunday my man and I are celebrating our 6th year of wedded bliss! Yay!
We are being spoilt and took up the offer of babysitting so we could spend a kid free 24hrs in the city.
That means I have no-one to get ready but me, so I have a fab new outfit including heels as I won't have to chase kiddies around and a little clutch as I won't have to carry any 'extras' in a huge bag like I would if kiddies were with us (can you tell I'm a little excited?)
Bummer I only spotted this amazing handmade Vintage Bunting Resin Clutch by Luci Doll today... I may have just bought it to complete my date night outfit if I had found it earlier.
Happy Friday xx

July 25, 2012

Made To Match Bedrooms

The best thing about Giggleberry Creations custom ordered buntings is they can be made to match your existing decor to add the perfect finishing touch.
In the past few weeks I have had lots of fun creating some buntings for kids bedrooms to match their gorgeous bedding and have loved the result...
To match the KAS Australia kids bedding 'Jim's Repairs' this bunting is a fun and bright combo.
This sweet pink, red and turquoise combo bunting was made to match the Adairs 'Olivia Owl' set
And this funky robot set was made to match the KAS Australia 'Robotron' range.
Cool hey??

July 20, 2012

Cheeky plea for votes... Pllleeeeaaaase

It's not often I'm drawn to entering competitions on Facebook but this one being run by Uberkate had me when I saw the goodies you could win. This stunning Ubersquare bangle and pendant
Aren't they divine!? So of course I entered and now I need your votes pretty please with sugar on top. Click HERE and you will land right on the page you need to be to click VOTE - easy :)
The competition is open until Tuesday 31st of July so click away peeps and I'll let you know how it ends xx

Happy Friday Find!

Nothing like getting your hands in and playing with crafty bits and pieces... well I think so anyway. My crafty side was sparked when I saw this fun Everyday Fun "Party" Paper from ink. paper. cloth.
So many ways you could use this bunting paper: invitations, letters, scrapbooking, wrapping, card making, gift tags, labels etc etc just need to decide which first!
Happy Friday xx

July 16, 2012

Chalk Drawing Photos

I am always taking photos. Seriously, I have my camera or iPhone at the ready almost all the time ready to snap a fun or silly or lovely or precious or pointless moment. 9 times out of 10 the subject matter is my children. What can I say - I think my kids are rather fabulous (biased much?) and I adore having snaps of time caught that I can share with grandparents, family and friends.
So when I saw the idea of using simple chalk to create a fun backdrop or prop for a unique photo opportunity I knew I had to have a go.
This is a GREAT activity to do with your little ones. My kids love drawing and colouring in the 'picture' before they jump right in for me to snap away. Milla, who is 4 and a bit of a Disney fan, tells me "it's just like Mary Poppins when she jumps into the picture"... awwwwww
The above pic is one we created to use for Milla's butterfly party invites and below are some other we set up while I was babysitting my niece and nephew a few weeks ago
I was then convinced by my niece that it was my turn to be in a photo rather than take them all so we came up with this bunting inspired one... LOL
The limit to these super fun pics is only your imagination... Have a play with some chalk and your kiddies and be sure to share what your come up with!
Whale Spout Pic SOURCE, Swimming In The Ocean Pic SOURCE, Umbrella Rain & Rainbow Pic SOURCE, Surfing Girl Pic SOURCE, the other pics I found on Pinterest but they had broken links - please let me know if they are your images and I will credit you :)

July 13, 2012

Happy Friday Find!

These cold wintery days call for hot chocolate, thick cosy socks, tack pants and a big soft comfy jumper just like this funky find from Two String Jane?
How groovy is this Bunting Banner Hand Stenciled Deep Scoop Neck Heather Sweatshirt. I can see perfect winter afternoons on the couch reading with my kiddies in this beauty!!
Happy Friday xx

July 11, 2012

Inspired by Milla's TV Cabinet turned Play Kitchen...

In November 2009 my little girl was surprised (as was I) with a birthday gift hand made by my clever parents... THIS Play Kitchen made from a $30 old TV Cabinet. I t was LOVE at first site and is still adored to this day almost 3 years on.
I, of course, blogged all about it way back then (see post HERE) and that post has been the most popular post on this blog ever since!
You have all told me how much you adore Milla's kitchen and how creative and clever my parents are for putting it together (I couldn't agree more) but the best thing is seeing all the Play Kitchen that ours has inspired.
I have had a handful of emails over the years telling me about creations that are in the making, asking tips and ideas for getting a particular kitchen 'feature' right and I have also been lucky enough to see the finished product of some of these.... It finally dawned on me last night that I should share these with everyone!!!
So I have. Check out THIS album on my Facebook page. Each kitchen started as a TV cabinet of some sort and each kitchen has turned out fabulous with subtle differences from Milla's that make them unique - LOVE that!!
PLEASE feel free to share your pics with me if you too have been inspired by Milla's kitchen and I will gladly add them to the album to show off your handiwork! Email away - giggleberrycreations@gmail.com

July 10, 2012

So I guess I'm a runner...

Who would have thought I would actually call myself a runner? I would have laughed at the idea a few years ago!
If you told me that one day I would be waking up to my alarm clock at 4:30am on a winters morning, rolling out of bed, putting on tights, running jacket, gloves, headband, strapping my feet into 'racing' shoes then sliding my iPhone armstrap on with my Nike+ running app ready to count the KMS as I head out into the morning dark, I would have said something along the lines of "sorry, you must have the wrong girl".

But what do you know, this morning that is exactly what I did! Just like many, many, many mornings in the past few months as I train for my first half marathon in September to raise money for Running The Marathon Of Autism.... and I'm LOVING it!
This morning I ran the furthest I have ever done in one hit - 20.95kms!!! & felt great. It wasn't easy at all but with a bit if Bon Jovi blaring in my earphones I got through it and walked back in my front door with a HUGE smile on my face... bring on race day!!!

Now don't go telling anyone buuuuut I might just be toying with the idea that maybe, possibly, one day I could actually aim for a full marathon.... eeep!


July 6, 2012

Happy Friday Find!

This weekend we are off to my gorgeous Mother in law's home. Along with my sister in law's family we plan to do a whole lot of nothing! Eat food, chatter, catch up and watch our kids play together in the winter sunshine.

Maybe we could set up a little backyard picnic? Inspired by this find of one very cool Bunting picnic blanket handmade by Sewn Natural, it's just calling out for me to lie down and relax!
Happy Friday xx

July 2, 2012

Collaborate For A Cause

Have you heard about Collaborate For A Cause? I didn't know anything about it until last year when I saw heaps of gorgeous handmade goodies being auctioned off on Facebook and went to suss it out a little more.
The aim of Collaborate for a Cause is to promote friendship, understanding & fun throughout the facebook handmade community, while raising money for causes you are passionate about.

This year I wanted to be a part of it for sure - soooo along with some of my online handmade buddies we have a bundle of matching goodies all ready.

There is a Universal Pram liner made by A Lillie Bug, pram snuggle quilt by Boondie Baby, 11 flag bunting by yours truly :) and quilted wipes case and dummy pod holder made by Puddin's Reteat. They all match each other and are a super cute red, white and black Little Red Riding Hood theme.

Be sure to Like the Collaborate For A Cause Facebook page where all the auction action will be taking place from 8pm July 27th - July 29th.
There will be items added to the Auction Album all this month ready with goodies of all kinds up for grabs so keep checking back. All money raised in the auctions will donated to different causes too so you may just find the perfect cause to support.