November 27, 2010

Rainbow of Ribbons Party Pics!!

What a fun day!! From the 5:00am wake up call by the excited birthday girl until the last guest left our home after the party we all had a fabulous day!

Decorations: Ribbon chandelier hung on our letter box and the rainbow ribbon wreath on our front door welcomed party guests. A rainbow selection of Giggleberry ribbon garlands hung on the front of the food table and clear baubles from HERE filled with ribbon sat in a rainbow on the table.

Mini Candy Buffet: I had never done a candy buffet before but had a ball with this and now I want to do more!! A selection of Skittles, Sour rainbow straps, Twizzlers and gold chocolate coins gave a fun and colourful sweet splash to the party. A HUGE thanks to Cake Ink for the awesome custom printables that matched perfectly with the Cake Ink designed party invites. One of the custom printables was a little sign I hung above the mini candy buffet that read:
Little Miss Milla is turning 3
where rainbows and ribbons meet.
So help us celebrate this special day,
and enjoy a sweet rainbow treat.

I also decided to be a bit different and took the circle printables that are usually used for cupcake toppers and sewed them into a garland to hang on the front of the buffet table and on the box stand the sour straps are on.

Food Table: We just had a nice and simple BBQ and salad lunch so the food was easy to think about. For the kids drinks I wrapped pop top juice bottles in more gorgeous prinatbles from Cake Ink. With a little bit of string I tied the matching printable thankyou tags onto the ribbon wands from Pinwheels and Pearls and had them in a vase on the table for decoration until the end of the party when each of the kids got to take a ribbon wand home. Behind the table I hung a ribbon curtain I made - simple but effective I thought.

The Cake: I know, I know you would of all liked me to have done one of the simply amazing rainbow layer cakes but I wanted to be different so I still went with the layers but made two of the layers a 'rainbow sprinkles layer'. I just mixed a pack of rainbow choc chip sprinkles into the batter before baking so when the cake was cut there were little rainbow specs all through 2 of the layers. I stuck to the ribbon theme by turning the cake into a maypole cake. And thanks to Janelle from Cake Ink I was able to track down the ribbon cake stand that I absolutley ADORE from Tracey Lau - I LOVE it!! I also made some little cupcakes which I decorated like mini rainbows on clouds but forgot to take a photo of them... you can just see them in the bottom corner of this pic:

After the cutting and eating the cake I thought it was the perfect time to slow the kids down a little so we all stood around my dining table and made a Ribbon Rainbow Artwork... most of the kids stayed with the craft and enjoyed themselves and were excited to be taking their craft home too!

All in all it was one rather fun and memorable day! And I think Miss Milla will be having a nice slow day tomorrow to recover from all the action.
Happy birthday my baby girl!! The last 3 yrs have been a giggle a minute and I've loved it all!!

November 26, 2010

Happy Friday Find

Busy, busy, busy!
Party tomorrow, sewing at any chance I get, Christmas orders left right and centre and then just general 'mum stuff'... I'm ready for a sit on the couch with a magazine.

This Bird and Birdhouse Cup Set would be perfect for just that.
Happy Friday

November 24, 2010

Rainbow of Ribbons party this weekend

Finally the Rainbow of Ribbons party is this weekend!! So far so good for the weather predictions and looks like I'm still under control with my To Do List (even with Giggleberry Christmas orders, Mathilda's Market stock sewing and planning & my families Christmas get together at our place the following weekend - eep!)

I had one last minute thought to find some rainbow themed songs we can play while playing pass the parcel... and general party music... I came up with these two...
Climbing Up A Rainbow - Justine Clarke
Rainbow of Colours - Wiggles

Some time in the last fortnight my kiddies and I were watching good old Sesame Street and this clip came on... perfect for the Ribbon theme

In all my searching I also found THIS SONG. It's my new fav, such a lovely re-do of a classic!

November 20, 2010

New Ribbon Garland Stockist - Candy Soirees

Rather excited to share with you all our first official stockist of Giggleberry Creations Ribbon Garlands - Candy Soirees!!
Niki is the clever cookie behind Candy Soirees and has just released a brand new range of children's party invitations that she asked me to make matching Ribbon Garlands for. A great way to keep the theme from the invites going in the decorations!!

Ice Cream Parlour

Cherry Cupcakes

Candy Land

Lil' Sailor

Garden Party

I had a ball putting these together - Thanks Niki!

Customer Feedback Photos - Wedding

Lookie, lookie at these gorgeous photos!

Two custom ordered buntings, one with the words 'LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED' and the other 'LOVE NEST' were used as decorations for this outdoor, vintage inspired wedding.

I LOVE how they used the LOVE NEST bunting for guests to hang well wishes and love notes for the bride and groom on - CUTE!

Check out the Elegance & Simplicity blog HERE for more pics and details.

November 19, 2010

Happy Friday Find - DIY

How cool is this Bunting Rubber Roller Stamp!?!

Cathe of Just Something I Made blog has the simple tutorial for making one of your very own HERE.

What a unbelievably cute and fun way to spruce up a letter, note, parcel - anything!!

Have a great weekend xx

November 18, 2010

Rainbow of Ribbons - what to wear?

What to wear? what to wear? - a girl needs a party outfit for her own party right?
A little searching online for anything 'ribbony' and rainbowy' and I found the perfect handmade top by the Crafty Nomad.

Personalised with Milla on it this shirt will not only be worn on party day with a skirt or shorts but any day Milla feels like a bit of colour - Yay!

November 16, 2010

The Purple Pug has got a crush on me...

Take a wander over to The Purple Pug blog today and you'll find a little interview I did with Kristy aka The Purple Pug. As part of her 'experiment in nice' Kristy is 'crushing on' a new party world biz every day in a '365 day of creative coolness' mission.

Pug Crush of the Day

Today I am the Purple Pugs crush; No.29 of 365 - Yay!! Thanks Kristy.

Just quietly, I have a huge crush on the super fun and happy bunting in the Purple Pugs website header!!


November 15, 2010

Customer Feedback Photos

It seems market season is in full swing! Recently I have been asked to do so many banners for businesses holding a market stall all over the place. I am thrilled to help make their market stalls stand out even more with a bit of custom bunting and just love to see pics of the set up all put together. These are just some that I have received photos back of the bunting in action - Thanks all.

Miley Matilda

Cutie Pie Hair Accessories

The Cupcake Wrapper Co. - So festive, LOVE it!!

November 12, 2010

Giggleberry's brand NEW product - Ribbon Garlands!!

I normally post a short and sweet Happy Friday Find before the weekend hits... This week I have a VERY happy Friday find - Giggleberry's BRAND NEW product!!
Introducing the all new, unique & handmade Ribbon Garlands!!

Each made with a complimenting selection of gorgeous ribbons that vary in width, length and pattern these unique garlands are just perfect for adding a touch of colour and movement to any space.

Think candy buffets, party decoration, bedroom decor, dessert tables, market stalls, holiday decorating, christmas trees, wedding decor... you are only limited to your imagination when it comes to what to do with these gorgeous handmade ribbon garlands.
I can't wait to see pics of what these custom ordered (yup, custom orders already!) Ribbon Garlands are used for!!


November 11, 2010

Rainbow of Ribbons - birthday cake!

99% of you who know I am planning a Rainbow of Ribbons party would be forgiven for assuming that of course the cake will be one of those AMAZING rainbow layer cakes that are popping up everywhere.

Truly I think these are just stunning not to mention super clever!! (the above pic is from HERE with the how to for the cake too) One day I do want to make one just to say I had but for Milla's upcoming party I can't help but want to 'be different' from most other rainbow parties so I have gone another route with the cake.
Now, I don't want to promise anything as spectacular as the famous rainbow layer cakes but I will have fun making what I have planned and am going to keep it a surprise.... only 3 wks to wait, you'll be right ;)

In the mean time I thought I'd share with you some fabulous rainbow cakes I found while searching for Milla's cake inspiration - Enjoy.

1. The idea room
2. Wedding Cake Pictures
3. Snag Wire Media
4. Crumbs and Doilies Cupcake Blog
5. Cupcakes take the cake
6. Rainbow Cake
7. Rainbow Cake
8. Rainbow Cake

Oh and check out these fabulous candles I found for Milla to blow out - PERFECTO!! I bought them from HERE


November 10, 2010

Brand New Item.... Coming Soon

Please excuse my lack of blogging... it's all action stations in Giggleberyy HQ at the moment with Christmas orders, Mathilda's Market planning and our brand new product being sooooo close to the big reveal!

Just a few more happy snaps to take and I can share all - Yay!!