September 30, 2009

BOO! Spooktacular Sale!

Only a month away from the fun and spooky holiday - Halloween. So in anticipation Giggleberry Creations has a Spooktacular Sale currently running
Yep, you read that right, ALL the spooky, scary and fun Halloween banners that are currently listed HERE have FREE SHIPPING!

These sets are the perfect addition to any Halloween party or home decorating.... how would you use them??


Not a cloud in the sky!

My kids are on completely opposite routines at the moment with their day time sleeps... it's literally a matter of one up one down all day long! It is rather nice though because it means I get to have quality one on one time with each of them in the day!

Today, while Milla snoozed, Harrison and I took in the gorgeous sunshine in our backyard

We lay on a blanket and this was our view

Not a cloud in the sky!


September 29, 2009

Thanks again Donna Hay!

I had myself and my little girl in a wonderful (and tasty) sticky mess today and was so impressed with the results I thought I'd share!
It is the beginning of the birthday season for my family starting with our eldest daughter, Felicity's, 9th birthday on the 9th of October. Felicity is on a gluten free diet so finding a cake that accommodates this and still tastes good is always a mission. Thanks to good old Donna Hay I have found a fun and delicious (and soooooo easy) bake free cake! but I thought I'd better give it a 'test run' first before I make the real thing and show up at the party with a terrible mess or horrible tasting failure... well that's my excuse anyway heheheh

What you need:
8 cups large white marshmallows (or pink ones if you want the cake to be pink)
150g butter, chopped
12 cups (420g) rice bubbles

Place the marshmallows and butter in a saucepan over low heat. Stir until melted and smooth. Place the rice bubbles in a bowl, add the marshmallow mixture and mix until well combined. Using slightly damp hands, press the mixture into a greased and lined 20cm-round cake tin. Refrigerate for 1 hour, or until firm.
Turn out onto a cake stand. Use a small fluted nozzle to pipe the pink icing around the edge of the cake and decorate with candy coated chocolates and candles.

This is the gorgeous finished product as done by Donna Hay...... not sure if the cake I make will be this amazing.

The 'test run' I made today was so easy and with only 3 ingredients mixed together in a bowl I did with my 22 month old who loved every minute of it! I decided (at the last minute) to divide the mixture into cupcake wrappers to make little individual crackles for a bit of fun!

I'll post pictures of the 'real thing' as a complete cake once it's all done and report back what the response is..... if the party goers are anything like me they'll love this sweet sticky treat!


September 28, 2009

Just Married!

There's nothing like a good wedding to get me all mushy and even teary eyed... I love the suspense of the brides entrance that can be seen on the grooms face, I love how all the guests seem to get a little cozier with their partners when the vows are being said, I love how the two love birds kiss and the party begins!!
Over the weekend a fellow DUST team member, Jess of Epheriell 'tied the knot' and has already posted some cute and very happy pic's on Flickr of her and her new husband's special day for all of us wedding lovers to see! Take a look HERE

My favorite photo would, of course, have to be this one of Jess and Nick under their very own Giggleberry banner!

Speaking of weddings... I have a very good friend who is getting married in April next year so is deep in the running around, organising venues, dress picking and fitting stages of her day and every time we catch up for a coffee and a chat she tells me how many sleeps there is to go! I have been trying to find some fun and unique gifts to give to her long the way to keep it fun and started with a cute little magnet from, the very clever Melanie, of Whimsical Creations

I have just had my latest purchase for her arrive in the mail and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I found it after doing some late night 'pouncing' on etsy.

Handmade by LilaFrances this personalised silver hanger is just so cute - and as the listing HERE states "Perfect for that wedding dress photo! (and the lingerie for later that night…)". I couldn't go past this and now can't wait to give it to Mrs Morosin to be... Yay!
Awwwww I love weddings!!

September 24, 2009

Giveaways, Giveaways, Giveaways!

I've found a fresh and fun giveaway and thought I'd share....

Sally at Polka Dot Birthday is hosting a giveaway from True Love Found.
You have 3 chances to win a $25 gift voucher to True Love Found's gorgeous new shop just by taking a look at the sweet handmade felt crowns and letting Sally know which one you would pick?


September 22, 2009

Under the Big Top!

I found Giggleberry in a treasury.... a fun and happy treasury - Under The Big Top!

Bunting banners are just perfect for a circus/carnival themed party.

With only a few colours in this fun set (listed HERE) you can easily use it as your inspiration for other bits and pieces... these are a few I found to add some fun to the party!

Design Your Own - Set of 6 Birthday Party Hats by Crossroads Cottage

Circus Ticket Party Invitations by Posh Panache Paperie

I also came across Kiara's Party Ideas blog where I found one of the most AMAZING circus/carnival themed parties.... from this ticket booth to a lemonade stand, a popcorn machine, a photo booth, face painting, ball pit, jumping castle, a photo booth and soooo much more this party looks great! Check it out HERE


September 10, 2009

Custom Order Collection!

WOW - it has been way too long since my last post!!!!
But I have a good excuse.... From the day we got home from holidays I have had a HUGE list of custom orders... To prove that I have been busy and haven't just decided to take a ridiculously long holiday I thought I'd share some of the orders I've completed....


Lightning McQueen (Disney 'Cars' Movie)

Pretty Pears banner and matching cushion cover

Personalised wedding banner - NICK & JESS

Green, Blue & Yellow Polka dot - 50th male birthday party

Black & White - female 30th birthday party

Pebble Tones - for a candy bar at a wedding (love the cute idea!)

Cameo Heads - for a collector of all things Cameo heads

Spooky - 1st birthday party

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - 1st birthday party

Vintage Circus - 1st birthday party

Shabby Chic