July 29, 2011

Happy Friday Find

Today is mine and hubby's 5th wedding anniversary - awwwww ;) and just like on our wedding day the winter sun is shinning and today is a glorious day... I'm feeling the love!

I couldn't go past this cute and lovely Declare Your Love bunting print from Rosy Designs Online for today's Happy Friday Find.

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful man - can't wait to see what the next 5 years brings, and then the next, and then the next, and then the next.... I LOVE YOU xx

Happy Friday xx

July 25, 2011

Giggleberry Bunting Giveaway

Check out these awesome photos from NFE Design!!

Renee from NFE Design asked me for some Rainbow buntings to use as the backdrop in the Photo Booth at her daughters 7th Circus party a few weeks ago. These pics show just how mach fun all the party goers had and the rainbow bunting mixed with the props are so colourful and bright - LOVE it all!

Now you have a chance to win some of these very Rainbow Buntings!! Head to NFE Design blog HERE to see all the details on your chance to win before the 29th of July.

Good Luck.

July 22, 2011

Happy Friday Find

No matter the day or occasion who doesn't want to feel special? I know I do!

With a slice of cake, or something similarly sweet, served to me on this bunting You Are Special Today Large Plate handmade by Aedriel Originals I would absolutely be feeling like someone fabulously special!!

Happy Friday x

July 21, 2011

Giggleberry Head Quarters!

I realised the other day I have never shown you any pics of my sewing room also known as Giggleberry Head Quarters, GB HQ and to my hubby 'Mummy's Cave'.
Remember I told you way back HERE that we had bought our family home and I was the lucky duck to score the home office/study/half of the double garage turned room as my sewing room? This was how the the room looked when we inspected the house before buying:

This is the now (well a week ago when I had just tidied it):

So what is where you ask? (hope you can read the little print, sorry)

As this is the through way from the garage to the house this room also has our 'family launch pad' where all our shoes, bags, umbrellas, jackets etc live (believe me it makes it so much easier to get the kids out the door to have it all in one spot) and in sewing room dreamland of course I would love all new matching furniture (not the left over stuff we didn't need after moving) and a fabulous and plush chair for sitting in while creating and a floor that magically vacuumed itself every day but for now this little room is just perfect for Giggleberry.


July 19, 2011

Paper Plate Playtime Palooza!

I've said it here before - give my kids a glue stick and few bits and pieces and they are completely satisfied! Any little craft activity can be the highlight of the day around here so I am always on the look out for fun, easy and cheap activities to do... this has lead me to a new admiration for the humble paper plate!
With just a pack of cheap paper plates some glue, scissors a bit of paint and a few other bits you probably have around the house you and your kiddies can make just about any paper plate artwork. there are literally thousands of ideas to do but I have rounded up just a bunch of them here. Some of these we have made already and others are on our To Do List - enjoy.


Paper Plate Owl

Paper Plate Rabbit

Paper Plate Snail

Paper Plate Dinosaur

Paper Plate Pig

Paper Plate Bird & Nest

Paper Plate Snake

Paper Plate Crab

Paper Plate Lion

Paper Plate Shark

Paper Plate Sheep

Paper Plate Jellyfish


Paper Plate Frisbee

Paper Plate Maracas

Paper Plate & Balloon Ping Pong

Paper Plate Ring Toss


Paper Plate Rainbow

Paper Plate Polyhedron

Paper Plate Necklace

Paper Plate Flower

Paper Plate Spinner

Paper Plate Firemen Helmet

Paper Plate Banjo


Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Paper Plate Wreath

Paper Plate Easter Banner

Paper Plate Easter Bunny

Paper Plate Halloween Skeleton

Paper Plate Jack-o-lantern


Paper Plate Watermelon

Paper Plate Pumpkin (mask)

Paper Plate Orange Slices

Paper Plate Pie

Paper Plate Apple

Paper Plate Half Eaten Apples

July 15, 2011

Happy Friday Find - DIY

Is your fridge like mine? Covered in random magnets from plumbers, electricians etc that seem to appear in our letterbox, make their way to the fridge then stay there forever & ever amen?
Well how about dumping all those and creating a bunting artwork on your fridge - even the kids would love helping with this one.

Thanks to this super easy and fun Magnetic Bunting DIY tutorial from Hickety Pickety Handmade your fridge could look fabulous... (IDEA: instead of buying magnet sheets just cover those ugly tradesman magnets with the pretty papers or kawaii tape then cut them up) YAY!!

Happy Friday xx

July 10, 2011

Media - The Sun Herald & The Age newspapers

Two weeks ago I had an email from Sunday Life (the lift out magazine that comes with Sunday issues of The Sun Herald in Sydney and The Age in Melbourne) They were after some custom bunting to include in their 70's themed children's products feature... Of course I said yes!!

The custom made red, blue and yellow bunting was spotted in the issue that came out yesterday - July 10th! Soooo cool!!