February 26, 2009

Bubby Wish List Treasury!

With just one thing occupying my mind at the moment I couldn't help use bubby as inspiration for the treasury I was able to snag today - titled Due Any Day Now most of the items in this group are VERY high on the bubby wish list.... some items like the Monkey Wrap from Tida Bella Monkey and a similar outfit from Thula Thula have already reached my mail box after a little 'pre bub' shopping spree...

Click HERE to check out all the gorgeous newborn items in the treasury and if you get a chance feel free to leave a comment too!

February 25, 2009

FAM Birthday Bash Winners!

Sometimes after a fun and hyped day of celebration for a birthday you may find yourself thinking you want it to be the birthday day again.... that a 'normal' day is just not as much fun.... Not today!!
The FAM first Birthday Bash celebration is now over and it may seem like the fun has ended but here comes the best bit - THE WINNERS!!!

During the week of the Fabulous Artistic Mom's (FAM) first birthday celebration some of the FAM team members had cupcake images hidden in their esty shop listings ready to be found by party hunters who were then entered into the draw to win all kinds of fun and fabulous handmade items from the FAM team members. The list of prizes is so very impressive and I personally was keeping my fingers crossed for some of the booty on offer.
Now that the winners have been announced I sadly am not one of the winners but are you???

FAM- Fabulous Artistic Moms: FAM Birthday Bash Winners!
Click on the above link to check out who was the lucky duck Grand Prize winner walking away with items from over 35 different shop and also 10 - yes 10 consolation prize winners - including Hui from Singapore who has won one of Giggleberry's designer fabric flag banners - it's on it's way! Congratulations!!

February 23, 2009

Crafty Corner - How to make a Button Bouquet!

While waiting for bubby to arrive I have been keeping myself busy with all the little crafts and projects I never seem to get around to in the hope it will make the days not seem as long. One of the projects I have had in the back of my mind for a while is making button flower bouquets - I think they are so very cute and groovy and what a great way to have flowers all year long no matter if they are 'in season' or not without them ever dying, and a great use for those buttons at the bottom of the sewing basket.

I had so much fun making these that I thought I'd share with you how I did it so you can have a go too!!

* Fine gauge wire
* Wire cutters
* Selection of buttons in sizes and colors of your desire
* Vase or small container

TIME: The bouquet in the above photo took me 20 mins to make - Easy!

STEP (1) - Cut a piece of wire to your desired stem length.

STEP (2) - Choose a selection of buttons in different sizes to make a 'blossom'.

STEP (3) - Thread the wire up through a hole in each of the buttons.

STEP (4) - Bend the wire back on itself and feed it back through a second whole of each button.

STEP (5) - Twist the wire around itself, holding the button blossom in place.

Repeat these steps as many times as you wish until you have the desired amount of flowers for your bouquet.

STEP (6) - Place stems in vase or jar and arrange!!

I went on to make a second bouquet for my mum who LOVES yellow and have started hunting down more buttons to make more and more - there is nothing like a handmade gift and these are perfect for so many different occasions!

Oh and a few hints for you too that I found when making these are
* Heavier gauge wires will make a stronger stems. If you want a more whimsical look, use a lighter gauge wire and then wrap with floral tape.
* Buttons with shanks are harder to work with than regular buttons. If the button is large and decorative, it might work as a solitary button blossom. Smaller shanked buttons can be strung together on a wire and make a small set of buds. Another option for shanked buttons is to pair them with a standard button that has a deep indentation in the middle.
* Plain vases with simple lines are preferable as they allow the buttons to remain the focal point.


February 20, 2009


After my recent post HERE about using Giggleberry fabric banners for decorating I got to thinking - what are the many different ways people do use their flag sets?????
So I started a group on the photo sharing website - Flickr. The group is called 'Decorate with Bunting (fabric banners)' and so far the group has grown steadily with a fantastic array of photos - thanks everyone!!!

Click play on the below slideshow to check out the great ways to use the banners!

If you would like to add to the growing collection of photos I'd LOVE to see them - click HERE!

And another....

It's been my lucky week!!! Thanks to Kim's Custom Gifts from the Fabulous Artistic Mom's team, Giggleberry is part of another fun treasury....

Click HERE to take a look at the party fun things on offer from some of the FAM team members and again if you have a moment don't forget to comment - Thanks!

February 19, 2009

Sweet Tasty Treasury!!

In the name of the Fabulous Artistic Mom's (FAM) 1st Birthday Bash fun Original Cyn Studios made a delicious treasury full of sweet treats from just some of the shops who have the FAM cupcake image hidden somewhere in their listings!
Click HERE to head over to the treasury and don't forget to leave a comment!!

For more info on the FAM 1st Birthday Bash check out the team blog HERE!

New, New, New!

Okay so I'm still pregnant.... I guess I've made this bub too comfy!!!! But in the mean time I have allot of restless sleep time to think of new items to make and yesterday I completed my first one - woo hoo!!

What do you think of the new Giggleberry Cushion Cover design??

I have used the funky and gorgeous Michael Miller 'Sorbe Disco Dots' fabric as the back panel and matched it with shocking pink fabric for the front panel then embellished it with three flags made from the dots fabric on a shocking pink satin ribbon for a splash of fun!! See HERE for listing

This one even matches a new set of flags I have listed HERE - what a great set!!!

Stay tuned for more new items..... or maybe a bubby announcement - whatever comes first!!

February 16, 2009

Eeny Meeny Miny Mo.....

Remember those little songs you would sing as a child to choose a game or a play partner or even what sweet to eat first?

"Eenny meeney miney mo
Catch a tinker by his toe
If he wriggles let him go.
eenny, meeny, miney, mo"

That's about a good a guess as I have as to what I'm due to have in just 2 days!!! That's right - I'm due on the 18th of February...... but who knows when I'll pop! With my last bub I was 10 days overdue!! From the minute hubby and I found out we were expecting we wanted the sex of bub to be a surprise for both us and family and friends - a way to keep the arrival announcement even more fun and exciting! So to keep me from going stir crazy with all the waiting for the answer I thought why not have a bit of fun with it..... let's guess what I'm having!!

There are thousands and thousands of 'old wives tales' about how you can tell what the sex of your baby will be so I'll answer a few to help you with your guess: (WARNING - we are about to become good friends - LOL)

1) I am carrying the extra weight out front.
2) The hair on my legs is growing more quickly than before I got pregnant.
3) I refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread.
4) I didn't have morning sickness in my pregnancy.
5) When I hang a thread with my wedding ring over my belly the thread moves in circles.
6) I have been craving - cheese, beetroot, milk
7) Hubby and I have only settled on a girls name so far.....
8) The photo of me was taken this weekend just gone (15th of Feb)

Okay let the games begin..... on the sidebar you will find a voting box - all you have to do is click Boy or Girl to make your guess..... then as soon as I know I'll let you know!!

Feel free to ask me any questions about the pregnancy to help you with your guess if you wish - just leave a comment at the end of this post and I'll answer it with by also leaving a comment so everyone will see.

Fabulous Birthday Bash 2009!!

Let the Fabulous Party begin - you're all invited!!
The Fabulous Artistic Moms (FAM) of etsy are turning one and we are having a fabulous party to celebrate!! Now everyone knows there is no party until there has been cake, games and presents so we have worked out a fun way for both fabulous moms and YOU to have all three....
FAM- Fabulous Artistic Moms: FAM Birthday Bash 2009!!

First; The Fabulous Cake -

mmmmmm, doesn't it look yummy??

Second; The Fabulous Game -

This fabulous cupcake image is hidden in 54 of the FAM teams etsy shops somewhere just waiting for you to find it..... if you do you just have to quickly pop over to the team blog HERE and post a comment with the listing URL (http://...) for the item where you found the cupcake, your name, and your e-mail address. Entry posts will not be made public so the cakes can be found by more than one person. (Make sure the URL is for a single listing and not the shop's main page.) The game runs from February 15-21, 2009.

Would you like an extra entry?
1) Visit a different shop and find another cupcake! Post an additional comment HERE with the listing URL (http://...) where you found the cupcake, your name, and your e-mail address. You may leave up to 5 entry comments for finding cupcakes!
2) For every item purchased from one of the shops listed HERE, from February 15-21, you will get an extra entry. Simply post an additional comment HERE with the transaction URL link with your name and e-mail address.

Third; The Fabulous Presents -

After the 21st of Feb the Grand Prize winner and 10 (yes 10) consolation prize winners will be announced on the team blog HERE.... there are some fabulous presents to be won too..... just check out this list of prize donors - WOW!!!
Giggleberry Creations, Whimsical Creations, Annie Howes Keepsakes, Apple Loves Orange, Tender Heart Babies, Michon, Double Dipped Sweets, Handmade by Andrea Baker, Crafts by Carer, Chamberry Cherry Designs, Berry Creek Soaps, Crochet by Momma J, Sweet Pickles Pottery, Elegant Snobbery, Imagine That, Ravishing Jane, Ginger Kitty Designs, Skinner Studio, Alphabulous, LJ Design Photo, Macaroni and Glue, Oh Mandie, New England Quilter, The Tie Die Girl, The Sewing Chic, MOCKFROG Jewelry, Valerie's Gallery and Klymyshyndesign!

Happy cake hunting and HAPPY BIRTHDAY FABULOUS FAM!!!

To see what fabulous items are on offer from the HUGE Fabulous Aristic Mom's team just search FAM team on etsy!!!

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

English - I love you

Latin - Te amo, Arabic - Ana ahebik, Turkish - Seni seviyorum, Lebanese - Bahibak, Japanese - Kimi o ai shiteru, Chinese - Ngo oi ney, Indonesian - Saya cinta padamu, French - Je t'aime, Swiss-German - Ch'ha di ga"rn, Spanish - Te adoro, Portuguese - Eu amo te, Italian - Ti amo, Greek - S'ayapo, Albanian - Te dua, Dutch - Ik hou van je, Irish - Taim i' ngra leat, Greenlandic - Asavakit, Swedish - Jag a lskar dig, Czech - Miluji te, Bosnian - Volim te, Russian - Ya tyebya lyublyu, Lithuanian - Tave myliu, Armenian - Yes kez si'rumem, Zulu - Mena tanda wena, Afrikaans - Ek is lief vir jou, Samoan - Ou te alofa outou, Brazilian - Eu te amo, Bolivian - Qanta munani, Eskimo - Nagligivaget!!

Oh and of course... a BIG Happy Birthday to my little brother who was a Valentine's Gift for my parents 24 years ago today too!!!!

February 11, 2009

Buy handmade - Support Bush fire victims!

As I posted only a few day ago HERE Australia, in particular Victoria, is experiencing the worst bush fires in our country's history taking with them over 920 properties, numerous livestock and, tragically, at last count, 181 lives. There are still, at least, 50 people unaccounted for.

One of the beautiful thing about Aussies is our ability to band together in times of need like these and help each other in anyway possible... this is once again been proven by the Etsy Down Under Street Team - DUST. The members of this team have opened a shop on etsy HERE. This shop has been set up in response to the Australian Bushfire Tragedy. Australian and other Etsians have donated items for sale with all profits going to the Australia Red Cross.
All items have free International Shipping and new items are listed almost around the clock right now, thanks to the generosity of Etsians from around the globe. So far the shop has had 72 sales and raised around $800 AU!! Truly Fantastic!

If you wish to donate an item for sale check out the details HERE otherwise why not head over to the shop Oz Bushfire Appeal and take a wander through the great handmade items on offer like art work, toys, jewelry, clothing cards and more and spoil yourself while helping such a worthy cause!

6th in the 6th..... I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Carley from Vanilla Pixie! The tag is to take part in the 6 by 6 game.
Choose the 6th image out of your 6th picture folder from your computer and blog it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same. So here goes.................

Phew!!! I must admit when I realized the 6th folder in my computer pictures file was my kitchen tea party and hen's night file I was a little nervous at the possible photo I would be blogging about..... let's just be glad the 6th photo in that file was from the kitchen tea part and not the hen's night..... oh so many blurry memories! LOL!
This photo is of my sister, Erin, my mum, Barbara and my niece, Briana. It was taken at my kitchen tea picnic in Royal Botanic Gardens infront of the Sydney Opera House on the 8th of July 2006. We were playing pass the parcel and it was mum's turn to remove a layer of paper (with the help of Briana). Inside each layer was a question for either me or about me for the guest to answer... lots of fun and giggles!!

I tag Whimsical Creations, Project Mommyhood, Kidcessory Haven, LJ Design Photo, Polka Dot Moon and AllieArt. Have Fun!!!

February 10, 2009

Giveaways, giveaways, giveaways....

the Mom Buzz: Nursing Covers by Sweet Wee Bairn

Oh how perfect one of the nursing covers from Sweet Wee Bairn would be for me with bub who is due in only 8 days!!! I love all the 28 gorgeous and different fabrics you can choose from in the collection on the Sweet Wee Bairn website and if you click the higlighted line at the begining of this post, like me, you can enter to win one of these great nursing covers at the Mom Buzz blog!!

Another sweet giveaway for a bub is being hosted over at the blog Kookie. From Vintage Chenille both Aussie and international residents have the chance to win one of the gorgeous Vintage Chenille Pear Rattles handmade by Victorian Mum of 4, Leah. Pop into the Kookie blog to see how you have three chances to be in the running!! Good Luck!!

Giggleberry has been 'Decor Scout'ed...

Giggleberry has been what?? I hear you say...... Let me explain....

I woke this morning to an email from Nikol Carlson, mom of three and owner of the blog - Decor Scout.
Nikol's describes herself on her blog as a "Former Head Hunter and published “Frugalista” taking all the leg work out of hunting down must have home furniture and decor items online".Nikol goes on to say "Decor Scout is a shopping blog. Instead of using the staged pages of magazines to inspire our interior design shopping we are using REAL LIFE pictures of peoples homes posted to flickr.com" Nikol spots the trend, and then does some internet research and shopping for good deals and the DIY version. She then posts the results for all her readers. All the underlined words are links to other websites who are selling the products - EASY!
This is where Giggleberry comes in.... Nikol has come across the fabulous idea (I'm not biased... much) of decorating with bunting flags and posted about it just the other day HERE saying "This is a great concept for a nursery or childs play room" and even suggests "if your child has a beautiful outfit that they have out grown and you want to make a keepsake out of it" making them into flags would be a great idea! then linked this post to Giggleberry's etsy shop telling her readers "it's a great place to buy them from" - what a compliment!!
Thanks Nikol so much for passing this on... you now have another follower for your great ideas out of me!!

Nikol inspired me to find some pic's of great ways to decorate with bunting flag banners.... here are just some of the pics I found!

I bet you can come up with thousands of more ways to use these flags?????