November 30, 2011

A cheeky quest for votes *wink, wink*

Louisa from The Little Big Company is currently running a competition through the Little Big Company blog.

Entrants send in a photo of anything Creative for Christmas - ornaments, dessert tables, decorations etc etc. There are a bunch of fun ideas coming in that can be seen on the blog HERE and yesterday it hit me that I could join in.... I sent in a before and after photo of the plastic ball pits ball 'baubles' on our row of trees along our driveway (see HERE). Louisa has now added it to the entrants and it's voting time - this is where my quest for votes comes in - The Creative Christmas photo with the most votes wins a $100 gift voucher to spend at The Little Big Company's online store (Oh how I could do that in 30 seconds!!)

Soooooooo, do you have a spare moment and feel like popping over to the blog post HERE pretty please? All you need to do is leave a comment saying you vote for the Giggleberry Creations row of trees pic (or something similar) - easy!

The competition ends Dec 15th and I have my fingers and toes crossed :)

November 29, 2011

Butterfly Party - Food table!

The party is this Saturday - yay! Finally I get to put all the butterfly goodies, that are piling up in my sewing room, together and enjoy! With just a few days to go it's time to start getting serious about party food. As I mentioned before this party is just afternoon tea so no major operation has to happen to get everyone fed an entire meal but a selection of fun party food is a must I think.
There are party food favourites that can be tweaked a little to tie in with the butterfly theme. Starting with good old Fairy Bread. Make it as usual then using a butterfly shaped cookie cutter cut out a shape and add a must stick down the centre - easy!

And what about coloured popcorn? it's always a hit with kids so I just needed a fun butterfly way to serve it. With some basic clear plastic cups and a butterfly cupcake wrapper placed inside the kids have a little serve of fun popcorn that looks good too.

I'm also thinking I could make a bundle of THESE simple but cute butterfly cookies.

There are a few other sweet treats I will put together on Friday that will complete the afternoon tea menu.
For 'dressing' the table I have made a table skirt from the butterfly fabric the theme & colour choice.

Then the table top with have a selection of white platters (a little trick I have learnt along my party planning loving way is to use scrap booking paper in the colour/theme/pattern of your theme, between your platters and food. It gives the table a nice cohesive look & is super easy!). I also have a set of these cute butterfly dishes in white from Pink Frosting that will hold a selection of treats to munch.

Juice & water will be available for the kids to drink and I will get to use my new glass drink dispenser from Lily Chis Events (yay). All the food will have custom made labels thanks to Occasion By Design.

To make life easy for the end of the party I have gone for just serviettes for eating - it's all little finger food anyway and have also a bunch of the matching paper cups. I chose these ones as they match the theme and colours the best.

Then there is, of course, the cake! Yes, it will be a butterfly and yes, it was chosen by the birthday girl - I'll leave it a surprise for now but your clue is: It's from one of the Australian Women's Weekly kids cake books.....

November 27, 2011

Gingerbread House Builders!

Now our real house is ready for Christmas we thought it would be fun to make and decorate a mini house - a gingerbread house!!

With a kit from Gingerbread Folk we had lots of fun building our little house the covering it in lollies!!!

The proud builders with their creation!


November 26, 2011

Decorating our outdoor 'Christmas trees'

Just a little over 12 months ago we moved into our home so this year will be our second Christmas here and the perfect time to start getting fancy in the front yard with Christmas decorations!
Last year I just strung up a few lights, hung some Christmas bunting up and had a wreath on our front door - looked great but I like the idea of having a bit more fun ;)

We have a row of Pencil Pine trees along our driveway so this morning Harris, Milla and I took our big box of 'baubles' out the front and decorated our 'Christmas trees'...


Over the past few months I have been stalking eBay for second hand cheap plastic ball pit balls (the colourful little balls kids play in at IKEA). I ended up with 300 for a bargain! Next step was to attach string to each and everyone of them - a big job that was a little time consuming but not a hard job at all. I just thread thick cotton through them and created a loop with a normal sewing needle. The balls are made of a nice and soft plastic so it's not tricky to do.


There were lots of giggles as we dropped a few and I had to chase them down the street but it only took about half an hour and we were done. What do you think??

Next up is a HUGE wreath I also scored for a bargain on eBay then a few little elf character cutouts to go around the garden... I'll share pics as we go :)

November 25, 2011

Happy Friday Find!

A Happy Friday Find for those of you celebrating Thanksgiving...

How seriously Ca-ute is this Bunting Turkey Cake by Dream Day Cakes spotted on Hostess With The Mostess
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Friday xx

November 23, 2011

Media: Woman's Day

Spotting Giggblerry Creations products in media is always a thrill but even more when it's completely un-expected. Last night I had a phone call from my gorgeous mum. She was flicking through this weeks Woman's Day magazine and was pretty sure she had spotted some Giggleberry Ribbon Garlands.

On the way home from the kids swimming lessons today I grabbed a copy of the mag to see if mum was right - and she was!
Page 81 has a Giggleberry orange ribbon garland above a selection of Hasbro toys! Very cool!


November 22, 2011

Rustic Garden Wedding Candy Buffet - my gift!

Sunday was a stunning day! The sunshine was out in force, we were dressed up in our best and my little brother married his gorgeous bride in my parents back yard - awwwwwww!
The bride and the groom, Sarah & Greame wanted a relaxed rustic garden wedding - nothing super fancy but a day where all their family and friends could kick off their shoes and celebrate with them. Mum and Dad's acre block was the perfect setting and with a gorgeous white marquee decked out with white furniture, flowers, doily bunting, candles, and a stunning huge chandelier surrounded by a garden it look amazing!

Sarah and Greame both asked for no gifts but I had to give them something so with their permission my gift to them was the wedding day's candy buffet! This was the first time I had done a candy buffet for a wedding and one for that size event too but boy oh boy did I have fun with it!!
The colours I was asked to stick to were soft pink and greens otherwise I was free to play :)

I had the perfect position to place the table... a little rustic shed my parents have in their yard which my clever dad built a few years ago. With some soft sheer fabric hanging and a sweet white chandelier from Shoppe With Lily hanging above the table my backdrop needed nothing more!

We made up a little sign that read:
This is a treat we are offering you,
on this beautiful day when we say "I do".
Use the scoops, choose what you like,
leave some for others, be polite.
As you enjoy your box of treats,
please remember; Love is Sweet!

And I had some very sweet chocolate bar wrappers made up by Cake Ink. that were personalised with the bride and grooms names and wedding date. They took 'centre stage' on my white milk glass cake stand from Sweet Style.

The table was a HIT!! I had to re-fill it early into the evening as all the guests had a ball filling their boxes with sweet goodies. My little boy, that's him in the green shorts, was never too far away from the table ;)

Fairy Floss, labels & ribbon: Occasion by Design
Choc bar wrappers: Cake Ink.
Cake stand, choc beans & bon bons: (& help with working out details and candy amounts) Sweet Style
Chandelier: Shoppe with Lily
Jars: Sharnel Dollar Designs, Ruby Ju, Sweet Little Birdy
Candy Boxes: Candy Soirees
Swizzle Sticks: Little Big Company


30th Birthday Dinner!

What a weekend we had! Starting with my sister, Erin's 30th birthday dinner on Friday night. We took advantage of the family all being together for my brothers wedding on Sunday and got together for dinner at a small restaurant near my parents house. I wanted to make the dinner a little more special for Erin.

I had a think about how I could decorate a table at a restaurant with just things I could bring along on the night that wouldn't bother the staff but would a bit of birthday fun!
Starting with a bunch of gorgeous handmade paper flowers from Flower Thyme I had a colour combo to work with: Turquoise, purple and grey. So next I went to the lovely ladies of Cake Ink. (love these clever ladies!!!) with a few ideas I had...

Each party guest had a 'Find-a-word' placemat with words about the birthday girl, a pencil to do the find-a-word, a personalised coaster and a retro paper straw with a 'straw disc' that all matched. I also asked Cake Ink. for some Thank you tags which I attached to a purple and white swirl lollipop, from The Little Big Company, for each guest. Everyone, young and old had lots of fun with the interactive placemats!

Throw in two helium giant balloons from Little Sooti in matching purple and grey and we had a party table that was fun, personalised and easy!

But no party is complete without a cake... A HUGE thank you to Leora of Party Cakes by Leora for her A-MAZING work in making a cupcake mural of Erin!! Seriously, how cool is that!! Erin loved it and we all had a little giggle while choosing what piece of face to eat!!

Happy Birthday Ezz!!