June 29, 2012

Happy Friday Find

How handsome is this little dude? His name is Bradley the Fox and he is a handmade softie (made from some very cool bunting fabric) available from Bit Of Whimsy Dolls
I wonder if he needs to sit on my shelf in Giggleberry HQ to supervise orders??
Happy Friday xx

June 22, 2012

Happy Friday Find!

Why not make the time this weekend to 'unplug' from the online world, sit down and write a good old fashioned letter - yep, the kind you need paper and pen for! Then seal it into one of these Bunting Envelopes (FREE Printable PDF HERE from The Pretty Blog) and pop it in the mail...

Everyone likes getting a letter in the post, right?
Happy Friday xx

June 20, 2012

Campfire Cones!!

I have been meaning to share these yummies with you since I posted about our family bonfire a few weeks ago... so I am finally taking the time while my kiddies are snoozing.
These Campfire Cones are a sweet, warm, delicious, indulgent, fun and tasty treat that the kids will LOVE to help you make - I promise!
Waffle cones (don't try the regular ice cream cones - they don't work. Trust me)
Mini marshmallows
Choice chips (milk, dark and white)
Chopped nuts of your choice (we had slithered almonds & walnuts)
You can add whatever you like really. I have seen chopped up banana or strawberries added which would be yummy too.

You'll also need:
Aluminium foil
Camp fire, (or BBQ, or open fire place)
Here is the fun part... grab your waffle cone and fill it to the absolute brim with your fillings of choice - be sure to mix them up so you have some chic chips next to marshmallows next to nuts, next to chic chips etc. Once the cone can't take anything else wrap the whole thing in aluminium foil making sure it's sealed up. now pop the whole thing onto the hot coals of your camp fire/bon fire/BBQ/fire place. After a few minutes remove the foiled cone (be careful because it will be HOT). Un wrap the cone little by little and enjoy the gooie, sticky, sweet, yummy warm 'mess'!!!!
I tried to take pics of ours as we made them but being in the dark and supervising little kids around the fire made that a little tricky so I have searched the web for other pics of these campfire cone treats to share with you.

How good do they look? will you give them a go? Be warned, you're kids will be begging you to make them every night - my little guy does!


June 15, 2012

Happy Friday Find!

Once again I have been pointed in the direction of some bunting goodness (thanks Veronica) and LOVE this so much I just had to share.

Awesome Bunting Gift Wrap and matching Gift Cards. These cuties would be perfect for ANY occasion!!
Happy Friday xx

June 7, 2012

Handmade Family Portrait

My little girl, Milla, proudly presented me with a drawing she had created at pre-school when I picked her up one day a few weeks ago. The picture was a family portrait and one that took my breath away with how detailed she had been in each family member - she had obviously taken her time and really thought about what she was doing.

I immediately knew I wanted to keep the picture for as long as I could so I could adore it hanging in our home somewhere and also to show Milla is years to come what she so cleverly created (belly buttons and all) - but how? Laminate it? frame it? I decided to put it somewhere safe until I worked out what to do. As fate would have it, that night I spotted the perfect solution through Instgram. Cat from Wouldn't It Be Loverly takes pictures, just like Milla's, then hand stitches a copy of them onto fabric that can then be framed. I emailed Cat straight away and before I knew it Cat was sewing away!!!
Mr Postman arrived today with a parcel from Cat and once again I have had my breath taken away at such gorgeous work!! Cat has done an AMAZING job stitching Milla's drawing and the detail is honestly awesome (Cat you are one VERY clever lady).

I LOVE this sooooooo much and as soon as Milla wakes from her snooze I will be showing her and I can guarantee she will be one proud little girl. I will be keeping my eye on my little guys drawings once he starts pre-school next year because I would adore Cat to work her magic over one of his creations too!!!
Check out Cat's Facebook page HERE for her latest handmade pieces and updates.

June 1, 2012

Happy Friday Find

Winter is officially here - I LOVE this season. An excuse to curl up on the couch under a blanket and drink hot chocolate is all I need to be a happy soul and this is one thing I have passed on to my babies who will quite regularly ask for a hot chocolate on a cold afternoon... maybe I should serve it to them in one of these adorable Childs Tea Set with Personalised Bunting

Handmade by Earthware Clay the set which includes a tray, tea pot with lid, sugar bowl with lid, creamer, 4 tea cups and 4 saucers would be adored by my little hot chocolate lovers!
Happy Friday xx