September 13, 2011

Media... sort of :)

Early last week I was asked by a customer if I do custom orders. "Of course" I said and with that she sent through an image via email that she had snapped from 'a home magazine' of some bunting that she loved and wanted to know if I could make something similar.

I took one look at the image (above) and had to giggle - it was Giggleberry bunting!!
with further investigation I found out the magazine in question was the February issue of Australian House and Garden!

The article in which the image appears is titled 'All About Ease' and features a gorgeous home in Sydney. I am thrilled to my bones to know someone loved their Giggleberry bunting so much they had it hanging proudly for a magazine photo shoot!

Article by: Rose-Maries Hillier. Photography by: Prue Ruscoe

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.....Elizabeth..... Polka Dot Skies said...

What a neat find! Your buntings are lovely and it's always fun to see them on display!