March 24, 2013

Giggleberry Turns 30... almost!

Earlier this year I received an invite in the mail... not just any invite. This particular invitation was inviting my family and I to MY 30th birthday party!

It was a complete surprise. The details on the invite (I since have worked out they were designed by Cake Ink.) were the obvious ones; date, time, place and RSVP to my (sneaky) mum. On closer inspection of the invites it was clear the party colours would be yellow, white and black and with a certain city scape (& how much of a Newyorkaholic I am) I could only assume it would be a NYC themed event - Yay!!
Although it is a month earlier than my actual birthday the party day finally arrived yesterday and what a lovely day it was! A family friendly picnic was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday with the ones I love.
The first thing I noticed when we arrived at the picnic ground, besides the big sign announcing we were in the right spot, was bunting.... Matching perfectly to the colour and theme, I hadn't made it so we all had a giggle that Grandma Giggleberry would put me out of business!! There was also NYC images and a few popular NYC street signs hanging around to set the mood :)

Once everyone arrived lunch was served... NYC style hot dogs with the lot - we're talking cheese, onion, mustard, ketchup, cheese, chilli, bacon etc and all served alongside some bagel chips, onion rings, pretzels and a drink in a little cardboard taxi cab.
No party is a party without a cake and mine did not disappoint!! Again my sneaky mum was on the case and had got in contract with the one I would go to for cakes, Leora, from Party Cakes by Leora. With a few hints and ideas I was told Leora was left to create and I adore what she came up with!! It totally matched the party AND even had bunting on it!!!!

The cake was a scrumptious chocolate mud cake with a sooooo yummy chocolate ganache under the yellow icing - YUM!!
I made sure I got to munch on the statue of liberty AND some bunting :)

My mum had also made a few cupcakes that were iced yellow and adorned with NYC toppers.

Later in the day I was happily chatting away to someone when I heard my name called out to "look". Hanging from one of the trees was a New York cab piƱata!!! Blind fold went on, I was spun a few times and handed a large stick and away I went... LOTS of fun!! All the kids and some big kids too had a go until finally the cab was torn apart and lollies fell from the sky!

We all went home with a lolly bag handed out by two of my very gorgeous nieces or 'candy girls' (just like a NYC baseball game). Inside the lolly bags was a selection of US candy including taffy, Jolly Ranchers, Herseys Kisses, Peanut butter cups, a York mint, a 5th Avenue bar & a gummi pizza.

I felt very spoilt and special and just LOVED all the little details that went onto the day - THANK YOU mummy!!!
Now, with my actual birthday not until the end of April this must mean I get to celebrate all month long, right???

March 5, 2013

Giggleberry 'In Action'

Late last year I was asked by Ed Dixon Food Designs to make a whole bunch of the Giggleberry Rainbow Bunting to be used at a family day event they had in the works.
Once they were all sewn up & packaged ready for posting they looked so bright and cheery so I made a mental note to be sure to ask if there was a possibility of seeing photos of them 'in action' after the event.... That was well worth it as I have just received the photos and, I think you will agree, they are gorgeous!

You can't help but smile at these pics!!
Thanks again Ed Dixon Food Design for not only asking me to create them for you in the first place but for also letting me share these pics.