April 27, 2012

Happy Friday Find

With my birthday yesterday how could I not have a birthday inspired Happy Friday Find today??
Completely festive and cute Bunting Cupcake Wrappers I found on Accent The Party in sets of 12 - love them!! Happy Friday x

April 26, 2012

It's my birthday

April 26th, 29 years ago I was born! So today I celebrate my birthday and have decided although we aren't really doing anything particularly special today I would make the day more fun by putting the word birthday infront of everything I do. I went for a birthday run this morning, came home and had birthday cereal and birthday tea for breakfast and have so far washed and hung out 3 loads of birthday washing. Milla is getting in on it all and asked if she could have a birthday wrap for lunch - absolutely! teehee. After this birthday blog post is done I plan to get some birthday sewing and birthday posting done and then make a big pot of birthday bolognese this afternoon before hubby gets home and we have birthday dinner, give the kids a birthday bath then have a birthday chill out on the birthday couch and lastly head to birthday bed - see, doesn't that all sound much more festive than a 'normal' day?!? We did do a bit of celebrating yesterday though, being a public holiday. We spent the day with family in the Autumn sunshine over a yummy lunch and a cake. After careful consideration my kiddies picked this cake out of one of our Women's Weekly Cake books - it was a close call between a sewing machine cake or this one... A veggie patch cake!
I'm kinda glad they chose this one in the end as I was the one who had to make it and it was very simple :) Now the planning REALLY begins. What to do to celebrate next years birthday... The Big 3-0!!

April 23, 2012

Mother's Day Classic

In just a few weeks, on the 13th of May, I am taking part in the Mother's Day Classic fun run at Parramatta Park in Sydney. The event is a great morning out and getting active. No matter what your fitness level you can take part in either a 4km walk or run OR an 8km walk or run. I have chosen the 8km run and am really looking forward to it.
This awesome event is in aid of Breast Cancer and entrants can be sponsored for their participation with all money raised going directly to Breast Cancer Research. I'll be running along side my sister in law on the day with both of us taking each step for my mother in law who was diagnosed with breast cancer late last year! Both of us will be wearing this fun singlet I designed with the help of Billy Mac Clothing so if you happen to be there on the day and spot us, be sure to say hi!!
I would LOVE your support for this run by sponsoring me HERE - it's such a great cause close to many, many people so lets support it!!!

April 20, 2012

Happy Friday Find!

What a week - busy, busy, busy after coming home from a long weekend away celebrating my sisters wedding. We had a blast and made many memories!! All orders and emails etc are now back up to date and I plan to get more items listed in my etsy shop ASAP... speaking of etsy check out this super cool and festive Silver Bunting Brooch I stumbled across the other day by Bluebird Jewellery

Cute hey?!
Happy Friday xx

April 6, 2012

Happy Friday Find!

Check it out - I have found and ordered the PERFECT new cover for my iPhone.

Handmade by Sarah or A Drop Of Golden Sun this beauty was custom designed to match my Goggleberry colours and is personalised too. I ADORE it and an't wait for it to arrive!!
Happy Easter weekend to you all - enjoy te break xx

April 4, 2012

Easter Hat Parade!

Today was Milla's preschool Easter Hat Parade and Easter party. We had a note come home from preschool a week ago asking us to make an Easter hat to wear for the parade so off we went to the $2 shop for bits and pieces and created a bunny bonnet!!

We were also asked to bring along a plate of food to share so we made bunny cups of popcorn

The party was lots of fun, Easter decorations, Easter colouring in, Easter music and Easter food galore!

The kids all did a great job showing off their hats in the parade.

Then just as the parade ended a large fluffy (kind of scary looking) bunny hopped into the preschool!!! It was exciting but the one snap I managed to get of Milla with him looks like she is terrified of him - really she just had a mouth full of Easter egg!!

LOTS of fun!


April 2, 2012

Fabric Scrap Easter Bunny Wreath - DIY

With a rush of blood to the head yesterday I decided to make an Easter decoration for our front door... You all know I love a good wreath :)

So with 2 wire hangers, some duct tape, extra wire I had in my cupboard and a little muscle I twisted, snipped and pulled until I had a cute bunny outline frame. Sorry I have no pics of the process - I was having too much fun!!

Next was the perfect chance to use up some fabric scraps from my sewing room. I picked out a selection of pastel fabrics and some left over Easter egg fabric then went about cutting HEAPS of little strips of fabric about 4-5 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Then it was just a matter of tying all the strips onto the wire bunny frame one at a time, this is time consuming but with my little guy snoozing off a cold and some music playing in the background the time passed faster than I thought it would.
I like the rough fraying edges of the fabric after being handled - kinda a rustic look about it.

One large and pretty bow around his neck to finish it off and I'm pretty pleased with the end result - one cute fluffy looking bunny to greet people at our door over Easter!! Yay!!


Light It Up Blue!

Did you know April is World Autism Awareness Month?? And did you also know that April 2nd (that's today) is World Autism Awareness Day!!

For Autism Awareness Day, Autism Speaks is again doing Light It Up Blue day. This is the third year that Light It Up Blue has been running and it is great to see how it has grown and is really doing a fabulous job creating awareness for Autism!!

Giggleberry Creations facebook page profile pic and timeline image are both 'lit up blue' to help spread awareness and my personal profile page is also lit up blue... how about yours??
You can add the below image as your time line pic by just right clicking the image - saving to your desktop then importing it to your facebook page... Easy!!

Iconic landmarks around the world will Light It Up Blue to show their support including the Sydney Opera House tonight followed by many many more - Unreal!!