August 22, 2014

DIY Retirement Ambulance!

One week ago today, my dad officially retired! Such a huge milestone to reach after 38 years in the NSW Ambulance Service. I couldn't be more proud to call him my dad and Papa for my kids, he is truly a super hero!
Dad let his immediate family know about his impending retirement 2 weeks before the official day it came into action. Instantly my mind starting to race with what little gift or trinket I could buy or make him in celebration of such an event.
Finally inspiration hit (thanks for the one zillionth time to Pinterest) and I was off.

From eBay I found a second hand walking frame for a few $$ that by sheer luck was the colour I needed it to be - red. Saved me painting it!!
Next stop was somewhere that had a novelty horn that would sound like a siren. I must admit I went into quite a number of places from bike shops, to hobby shops, to car parts stores hoping to get what I was after but found nothing to suit until one of the auto parts store salesmen suggested Jaycar. Within 5 mins of explaining to the gentleman that asked what I was after I had a siren, a red flashing light and a battery pack to make it all work. Winning!!
Another eBay purchase of some red and white reflective checkered tape and a simple first aid kit to sit inside the basket of the frame and I was sorted.

I would love to claim I wired it all up myself but I wasn't too confident I could get it all right so my brother came to the rescue - (pun intended).

Dad, and the rest of the family, had a good laugh when he was presented with his new 'Retirement Ambulance'.