July 31, 2010

Cake Bunting!!

Seriously... how adorable are these?!?

Handmade by the owner of Kiki La Ru these super cute and super festive Cake Buntings can be used to spruce up any cake for your next party, gathering, tea party or any excuse you can find for cake!
I first found these gorgeous Cake Buntings through a feature on Design Sponge (LOVE that blog) and am now thinking I need one of each style of Cake Bunting.

My fav is this one: the 'Finnegan' cake bunting...

I think it would match perfectly with a Giggeberry Strawberries & Cream bunting!


July 29, 2010

4 years of Bliss!

Today is 4 years since hubby and I said "I Do" (well he said 'I do', I said 'Absolutely'. hehehe). I adore my man and think I am one VERY, VERY lucky girl to have snapped him up! He even flew all the way to NYC to ask me to marry him... awwwwww!

We have cut a deal that we will celebrate our anniversary once we are in our new house as hubby wants to make me a special dinner (did I mention how lucky I am) but at the moment with stuff half packed etc it's a bit too hard to manage the fanciness of the dinner he has planned.... sounds promising :)

We don't usually do gifts for anniversary but this year we have made an exception... our current bed is one very old bed and is seriously on it's last legs so it's not coming to the new house with us (Yay) we are buying ourselves and brand new bed (double Yay!!). So of course my mind starts racing for ideas and inspiration of what our new room could look like.

One little project I just had to do and one that will go somewhere in our new look room was to frame this photo booth pic of my us that we had snapped at a friends wedding we went to just a few months ago.

I LOVE these shots. They are so 'us' and knew I wanted to do something with them so after a little google searching I found my inspiration... this image from A Recent History - perfect!

Just a little bit of measuring and a custom wide edged matte and a simple black frame were ordered - too easy! I'm thrilled with the result (sorry about the bad photo.. I took it on my iPhone a few days after I finished it then have packed it in a box ready for the move before I could take a better shot - you get the idea.)

Happy Anniversary baby! I LOVE you more and more!!
Check out the post HERE for shots from our wedding day I shared on last years anniversary.

July 28, 2010

Going (Mini) Gaga over bunting

Giggleberry has been spotted on Mini Gaga blog as part of the latest Party Feature - Bunting Theme!

Of course I am biased towards this theme - too fun!! But truly having bunting as your theme allows for so much flexibility. It works for either boy or girl or both if you have a combined birthday - perfect! It also works for absolutely any age. You can choose the colours and then just go with it for your decorations, cake, favors, even a craft activity for the guests. Easy!

Click HERE to check out the bunting ideas.

July 26, 2010

How Monday the hobby horse got her name....

With only 4 weeks until we move house we have decided to do little bits and pieces here and there in preparation so we don't have such a massive job at the last minute.
So over the weekend we filled box after box with anything we won't need to use before the move, we did a bit of cleaning, had some items we sold on ebay picked up and even attacked our garden!
Our furniture is all over the place, boxes are starting to fill our garage and the house is generally just not set up like 'normal'.
This morning Milla was playing in our room while hubby was dressing for work and I was in the shower when she discovered a Hobby Horse I had purchased from Calamity Bolt a few months ago....

This gorgeous handmade horse was (until yesterday) hidden away ready for Christmas but with all the activity of the weekend we forgot to 're-hide' it last night - whoops!
After hubby and I got over the giggles from our hiding fail we named the horse Monday as she was discovered on a Monday morning.

Milla LOVES it and has been galloping around the house all day... I guess sometimes being organised with early Christmas shopping doesn't work! LOL!

July 23, 2010

Thanks for the (delicious) well wishes

You may have read HERE that a few weeks ago my little girl spent 2 nights in the Children's Hospital due to a nasty virus. Milla is 100% back to her normal self and full of smiles once again.

So many of you wonderful people sent your well wishes and get well soon vibes - Thank you all.

One of these I just had to share was from Niki at Candy Soirees.
Milla loves to check the letter box every day but it is always more fun when there is a parcel or letter addressed to her and I'm sure you can imagine her sheer delight when we opened her parcel to find this:

A personalised 'Get Well Soon Milla' Chocolate bar!!

Candy Soirees are known & loved for their gorgeous custom chocolate bars and I can see why! These would be so cute as a take home favor after any party or even a great customer appreciation gift - and of course I am biased but I just LOVE the bunting design (and the uber delicious Lindt chocolate inside)

Thanks Niki.... you made Milla's week to send this to her xxx


July 20, 2010

Handmade Living.

Lookie, lookie the official Handmade Living. book cover has been revealed! I love it - absolutely gorgeous!

Handmade Living. is an amazing collaboration of designers and artists across Australia, including Giggleberry - yep that's right, you will be able to find Giggleberry in this great book!!
With the official book launch only months away and there only being a limited print run of this book, if you would like to secure your copy before they go on sale, head to the Handmade Canberra website HERE... a great Christmas gift idea!

July 18, 2010

Bunting Artworks

After a little hunting around I have found some very groovy artworks featuring bunting that would liven up any empty wall.... you could even have some Giggleberry fabric bunting custom made to match!

Happy Heart - 10x8 Print

Bunting - original Illustration

Forever After Days Banners - 8x10

Bunting 8x8 print

Or how about these cool ones

Magnetic Wall Art

Hope your weekend was a relaxing one.

July 16, 2010

Ribbon Jars!

When I saw this post on the Inspired Papertrey Ink blog I fell in love with the idea - Ribbon Jars! They look like gorgeous lollie jars lined up on the shelves of Nicole's amazing craft studio! I knew I would copy this idea if I ever had a sewing/craft room.

As you may have read HERE the Giggleberry family are about to move home and I am very spoilt to be claiming the study in the new house as my very own sewing room so in a bit of an excited flurry I went hunting for the bits and pieces for my very own ribbon jars!

I found 6 large vintage glass jars on ebay and with the help of Kristen from Paper by Forget Me Not who found the wooden pegs for me I was ready to spool all my ribbon off cuts, ribbons form gifts & packaging and general cute ribbons I have purchased over time onto the pegs. Just check out the super easy how to HERE

I LOVE how they came out! And I know I need to pack the jars into boxes to move them to their new home but I think I might leave them on the shelf they are currently on in our dining room until the very last minute ;)


July 14, 2010

Custom Ordered bunting for..... Me!

Giggleberry will be jumping in and having our very first market stall later this year (more on that when it gets closer) so I am slowly but surely getting my stall 'set-up' under control. There are so many tips and suggestions out there in blog land to help stall holders and I am trying to get my head around the best ideas for my products. I really like the tips and pictures in this great blog post I found on market stall set HERE from Dance In My Garden.

Of course a Giggleberry market stall would not be complete without some fun and eye catching bunting so after a hunt for polka dot & striped fabrics in pinks, purples and greens to match my logo I have been busily sewing, sewing sewing!

I am having two very cute aprons made to be worn on market day that will have my logo embroidered on them - (a BIG HUGE thanks to Jenny from Deekie Belle Designs for helping me with these). After we tested the logo embroidery, Jenny sent me the swatch of fabric to be sure I was happy with it so I turned it into one oversized flag that I then sewed into a row of bunting that will hang proudly at the front of my market stall!

What do you think? Very Giggleberry aren't they!?!

July 13, 2010

My very own sewing room.... and a whole new house to go with it!

Moving Announcement Cards by Sweet Harvey on Etsy

Pop the cork and throw some streamers around - It's official, our new house was taken off the market yesterday!!!
We have been renting for waaaaay too long and are sooooo excited to finally have bought a home for our little family *doing happy dance*

This is our new 4 bedroom home means all of our kids have a room of their own (all with built in wardrobes - Yay!) and hubby and I get an en-suite too - fancy hey?!

I just know the move will be received well by the kids when they spot their new cubby house in the backyard!!

Now for the most exciting bit for me.... I WILL HAVE A SEWING ROOM!! Squeeeeeeeeeee! *doing even bigger happy dance*.
The people we have bought the house from have converted one side of the double garage into a 'study'. It is even linked into the ducted air conditioning so I can sew on cold winter nights or hot summer days in comfort!!
You can't begin to imagine the ideas and plans I have for this room.... I can't wait fr the next 5 weeks to fly by so I can get my hands dirty playing around!!!
This will be the 'Before' photo (Please excuse the terrible photo - it's the one I sneakily took on my iPhone the day we first walked through the house)

I promise to share the 'in between' and then the 'After' photos of the new Giggleberry HQ as it happens as well as all the rooms in our new house as we make it our home!

July 12, 2010

Changes to an Old Favorite!

Just wanted to let you know about a few slight changes I have had to make to one of the most popular Giggleberry buntings...

The shabby chic Ava Rose bunting using Tanya Whelan's gorgeous fabrics has had to change due to this fabric now being Out Of Print. This banner is still made in the pinks, whites and gray colour scheme and would still be super sweet in a little girls bedroom or nursery.

This is now a 'limited edition' banner - once I sell out of my current stock I can't promise I will be able to find fabric to make more - sorry. If you ahve admired this banner before and want to get your hands on one you better be quick... click HERE