May 31, 2009

A Trio of Treasuries!

They say "things happen in three's"..... in this case they are right!
Treasury 1: Polka Dots from Eye 4 Art

Treasury 2: Minnie Mouse shopped Etsy - a fun one I made full of things I bet Minnie Mouse would adore....

Treasury 3: Kookie by Ollie Rose featuring great finds from the Kookie Kids team

Happy clicking everyone!!


May 29, 2009

Giveaways, Giveaways, Giveaways! (and what I won)

A bunch of giveaway goodies to share -

Only a few days left to enter the giveaway over at Kookie blog to win a custom made set of 4 clips! That's 2 x ribbon bows & 2 x plain slides made with your choice of any of the available ribbons from Vanilla Pixie

This one from Elegant Snobbery is a fun one too! You can win an original custom 5 x 7 I Heart You illustration! So what do you 'heart' - just let Marissa know by commenting at her blog HERE

And a gorgeous giveaway from Duda Daze (who's work I ADORE). There will be three - yes 3 - winners! Check out the prizes and be sure to enter at her blog HERE

Oh and be sure to get your entries in for my BooBoo Bunting giveaway HERE - entries close this weekend! Come and have a giggle with me!

As you can tell I'm a bit of a giveaway lover.... and even more when I'm a giveaway winner (rare but fun when it happens). I was the lucky winner of a giveaway from Mia Henry who has both an Etsy shop and a Made It shop. I won this very groovy 'Sushi Half Apron'.

It arrived yesterday and I think it's just so very groovy..... as does my little girl who wanted me to put it on her straight away so she could 'help' mummy cook!

Happy entering!!


May 27, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday!

This week it's all about decorating my boy's bedroom.... he is a little way off having a room to himself yet but these have been added to my favorites ready for when that day comes. As you can tell we are thinking a pirate/nautical theme....

Pirate personalized with the name

Personalized Pirate Ship Vinyl Wall Decal

Blue PIrate Skull and Crossbones Decoration

And this one is just so groovy and unique I had to add it to the collection!!



May 26, 2009

A Day in the Park

What a great title for this fresh and fun treasury west that Giggleberry's Spring Picnic flags are a part of. Thanks to NYCrochet for these great selections!


'It's Tuesday and I can't wait...'

Lou over at Buttons by Lou Lou blog has started a new Tuesday blog theme - 'It's Tuesday and I can't wait...'
I couldn't believe it when I read it as yes it's obviously Tuesday and I am (very impatiently) waiting for something... So of course I had to join in!!

Early last week I was commissioned to do a custom order for three matching bunting banners. Two plain ones and one with the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it. They are for a first birthday party and I was asked to use fabric that match this party invite.

I found the perfect fabrics to match. From my local fabric shop I bought mint green with polka dot fabric and from Fresh Fabric on Etsy I bought this Darla Rose in Aqua fabric by Tanya Whelan.....

this is what I am waiting for. I'm expecting it to arrive in the mail any day so I can get this fun order all finished and sent off ready for the Birthday girl!


May 25, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday!

On The Menu For Tonight:
Cottage Pie.... ahhhh winter comfort food!

On My To Do List:
Complete custom order for Happy Birthday banner
Make big pot of veggies for kids
Clean bathroom - worst chore ever!

New Recipe I Tried Last Week:
Nothing new last week..... stuck with the old faithfuls.

In The Craft Basket:
Two of the three 'crazy quilts' I'm making for the kids
Make & list collection of 4th of July banners

Looking Forward To:
Parcels of fabric arriving in the mail
Quiet weekend with hubby and the kids

Giggle For The Week:
"Children really brighten up a household. They never turn the lights off." - Ralph Bus.

Favourite Blog Post Of The Week (Mine Or Other):
IMPORTANT google analytics information for bloggers!: Australian Handmade - This is a very handy tip!!

Favourite Photo From Last Week:

My little man under his 'Crazy Quilt' I completed last week!

Lesson Learned From Past Few Days:
Just when you get use to a child's 'routine' they'll change it!


May 22, 2009

Treasury Time!

Lucky ducky - I woke to find Giggleberry in two treasuries this morning.....
This one featuring just some of the talents from the FAM team by The Sister Studio. You can find it HERE

Time to Picnic...... sure is with the great selections in this fun and happy treasury by Noah Baby Boutique. Click HERE To see the list of goodies and if you have a moment why not leave a comment too.

Oh and don't forget to be in the draw to win my 'BooBoo' bunting banner set using the same fabrics as the one found in the second treasury all you need to do is tell me about a BooBoo you have made HERE. I have had a good giggle at the entries so far.....


May 21, 2009

One of A Kind Crazy Quilt!

My girls seem to love taking a blanket in the car with them when we go out. We then have blankets being dragged everywhere and fights over who's is who's. Then poor Harrison has his blanket swiped so I decided I would make them each their very own 'crazy quilt' from my ever growing scraps and off cuts. This way they have a designated 'travel blanket' so there can be no more arguments.... hopefully.

Anyway I started making them today and started with Harrison's. I used any boy fabrics I had. Alien's, army, monsters, sailors, planes, fireman, cars, pirates, sneakers, trains, sharks, robots, trucks..... and anything blue. I still have to put the wading in it and I want to use chenille fabric for the backing for extra comfort but you get the idea so far.

I plan to make another one out of all girly fabrics and the third one with all the patterned fabrics - stripes, polka dots, stars, paisley's etc...

I'll post more photos as I go.


May 20, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday!

This weeks wishlist has no particular theme other than I WANT them....

I'm a Mac girl through and through.... and although I LOVE our iMac this is a wishlist right???

Migratory Birds Laptop Sleeve - if I had a Macbook I'd need a sleeve for it....

Purple Drop it Bag - LOVE this, such an awesome idea and a great excuse to buy even more bags....hehehehe

Richie Rich Chocolate Brownies


May 19, 2009

My BooBoo is your Bonus! (GIVEAWAY)

I had the kids down for a snooze, had a load of washing going, had blogged for the day and even replied to all my emails so I took the chance to get some serious flag making happening..... I set up the ironing board and sewing machine then pulled out the new huge pile of gorgeous fabrics that had arrived the day earlier and got to work!
After cutting and sewing a great big bunch of flags I made myself a cup of tea, grabbed a biscuit and plonked myself on the couch with the newspaper and began turning the flags in the right way when I realized my BooBoo!!

If you wikipedia the word 'BooBoo' you'll see it can mean a few things -
Boo Boo (Yogi Bear)
Boo Boo, a chihuahua; the World's Smallest Living Dog
An injury, bruise, or laceration

Now there is no cartoon characters or small dogs in my home and I haven't had any injuries lately so it's safe to assume the BooBoo I had discovered was an error!
In my flag making frenzy I had cut and sewn six flags with one side the right way up and the other side upside down!!

This is where the Bonus part for you comes in..... I went ahead with making the flags into a bunting banner and have decided to give it away!!

Why would you want a "BooBoo Bunting" I hear you ask.... here are my arguments for and against - I'll leave it up to you to decide if it's worth your while...

* Unique 'one of a kind' banner
* Talking point / Conversation starter
* Made with Alexander Henry's 'Traffic Jam' fabric so it is a busy enough print you might not notice.....
* Only one side is upside down so it can be hung against a wall & you wouldn't see 'wrong' side
* It's free!!

* Not great if you're a perfectionist

So who's in for this fun and VERY unique giveaway??? All you have to do is leave me a comment here telling me about a time you made a BooBoo.... it can be a BooBoo made with your art or craft or a BooBoo made with your kids, while cooking, with your in laws, while driving.... anything! The one that gives me a best giggle will not only make me feel less like a twit for making my BooBoo but will also be the new owner of this bright, fun and individual set of Giggleberry flags!

Worldwide entries welcome. Entries close Sunday 31st of May. Winner will be announced Monday 1st of June.


Giveaways, Giveaways, Giveaways!

I've been on the giveaway look out again and found a couple that I reckon are worth an entry or two....

First from Australian Etsy blog Leah from Vintage Chenille is giving away one of her gorgeous Ruby The Vintage Chenille Babushka Dolls! and all you need to do to enter is write a short sentence or story that could be included in the description of one of the toys from Vintage Chenille and post it as a comment HERE

The other great giveaway is happening over at Kookie Blog. Carley of Vanilla Pixie (who has an amazing May Sale happening in her shop BTW: you can buy 1 set of Vanilla Pixie clips and you will get a second set 1/2 price!!) is giving one lucky winner a custom made set of 4 clips! That's 2 x ribbon bows & 2 x plain slides made with your choice of any of the available ribbons - Wow! Take a look HERE for the four different ways you can enter to win!

Oh and BOTH giveaways are open to worldwide entrants too!!


May 18, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday!

On The Menu For Tonight:
Roast Chicken! Yum!

On My To Do List:
Sew pile of flags that I cut last night
Announce winner of Kookie blog giveaway
Post new Kookie blog giveaway
HUGE pile of washing - no not the same pile as last week.... another huge pile seems to have appeared!

New Recipe I Tried Last Week:
Quiche Lorraine...... winner with hubby - will have to make it a regular.

In The Craft Basket:
Button bouquet (another one.... last weeks was for my sister this week one for my Aunty - such a great handmade gift)

Looking Forward To:
My nieces 3rd birthday on the weekend

Giggle For The Week:
"Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up because they are looking for ideas" - Paula Poundstone

Favourite Blog Post Of The Week (Mine Or Other):
Paint your own Polka Dot Mat - Polka Dot Mom...... I've filed this one away for doing when I decorate my kids rooms.

Favourite Photo From Last Week:

Taken on Sunday night. I was doing tiny bits of sewing while waiting for dinner to finish cooking when Milla who was just about to go to bed wanted to see what I was up to. I mostly sew when she is in bed so she was amazed, and very excited, to see the sewing machine in action!

Lesson Learned From Past Few Days:
Always make sure you have super soft aloe vera tissues in the house in case of the flu hitting...... (sore nose)


May 14, 2009

Custom Orders Galore!

I love receiving custom orders! It's so much fun to hear and see what colours, patterns and themes people want for their very own set of flags. There is always a story, long or short, to go with a custom order... where they will hang and who they are for.

This custom order is for a girls first birthday party in June but her mum was after a color combination that would be good for either girl or boy so it can be used year after year! She also asked for the words 'happy birthday' to be appliqued onto the flags.

I love how these turned out so much that I have used the same fabrics for a set of flags currently listed in store HERE

Another recent custom order I was asked to do is for the bedroom of two brothers. Their mum told me "their room is rather eclectic... a set of 1950's gym lockers, antique trunks, but also some modern things as well" and was wanting the flag sets to have an "explorer feel... old maps, globe, telescopes, etc"

Thanks so much for letting me be a part of these creations!
Take a look HERE at the Giggleberry online Catalogue to see all the other creations either available currently in store or check out the sold and custom ordered sets for inspiration!!