September 30, 2010

Customer Feedback Photos - sort of...

I LOVE the world wide web. Sure there can be 'dodgyness' out there but you can be smart about it and miss 99% of that and just use the amazing tool that is the www!
One example of this is what i found in my email last night... no it wasn't one of those 'you have just be awarded 230,000... all we need are your bank details and will transfer it right over' blah, blah, blah it was my daily emails from Google Alerts. I have programmed into Google Alerts a few key words like Giggleberry and others and get a daily email if these keywords pop up fresh on the www that day - such as being tagged in a blog. This is exactly what happened, I was 'alerted' to the word Giggleberry being tagged on Style Me pretty: bridal inspirations.
So of course I went to check it out to find this

not only is it a fun and gorgeous photo of one very happy couple at their Colorado wedding but on closer inspection you can spot some Giggleberry bunting behind the bride which she bought from me just a few short months ago.

How cool is that!?!
So thanks so much Style Me Pretty for the tag and a HUGE thanks to good old Google Alerts!
Be sure to click HERE for all kinds of other stunning photos from this beautiful wedding!

September 28, 2010

Jingle (in your Sox) all the way...

It's getting closer and closer to the 'Silly Season'. For some that's a scary thought but for me it's so exciting!
I LOVE Christmas!!
The decorating, the gift buying, the family get togethers, the holidays, the food, the gift giving, the long summer days that end in a day light savings night, gift receiving... EVERYTHING!

So in anticipation of Christmas decorating our new home for the first time in just a few short months I couldn't go past a set of Jingle Sox from the uber talented Jenny of Deekie Belle Designs.
I asked Jenny to make 5 Jingle Sox, one for each member of our family and gave just the instruction of sticking to the colour combo our tree is decorated: black, silver and white.

Just look at the absolutely gorgeous Jingle Sox Jenny came up with!!

I LOVE them soooo much!! Each one even has it's own embroidered name tag on it so Santa will never get confused!!

I can't wait for the 1st of December to put these guys up!! Yay!

September 27, 2010

Customer Feedback Photos

Just look at this adorable 'Carnival Extravaganza' put on by Niki of Candy Soirees.

Niki is mum to 2 boys, Luke and Alexander so decided it was easier to combine both their birthdays into one amazing party - clever mum!
The bright and colourful theme is matched just perfectly with the carnival bunting from Giggleberry that is hanging proudly above the delicious candy buffet & everything looks so inviting! Niki's attention to detail is just fabulous - I love the pom pom edging she has put on the box stands that the lollie jars ore on - CUTE!

For more pics from the day see HERE

September 22, 2010

Sneak Peak...

Thought I'd share with you the little sneak peak I was given of something in the works...

Handmade by Ali of Park Eden, I can't wait to show you more (and see more myself) Yay!


September 21, 2010

Customer Feedback Photos

How VERY cool is this 60th birthday party? We are so use to seeing pretty, sweet, girly, little kids dessert tables and parties but this one kicks them out of the park (mind the pun). This fun red and white Manchester United Football Club inspired 60th was put on by the birthday boy's daughter, Toni, of Fairydust Stylish Stationary and all I can say is I'm filing this one away for the next of hubby's milestone birthdays! LOVE it!

The choice of bunting for hanging behind the table was perfect too - if I do say so myself *wink, wink*

September 18, 2010

50 metre bunting custom order!!!

On Monday just gone I had an email come through asking me 2 things.
1) Can I make 50 metres of bunting?
2) Can it be made and delivered by the 25th of this month?

Well it took me back for a few minutes and with my sewing machine away being serviced I was a little hesitant but I what the heck - I jumped in!

So with my sisters sewing machine still on loan and the request for 2x 25 metre lengths of buntings in all different and bright coloured fabrics I have been cutting, ironing and sewing up a storm. I am thrilled to report I completed the whole order in just 5 days and sewed the last flag of the 250 flags into place just last night.

Then with the beautiful weather that Sydney turned out for us today I took the bunting into my backyard to snap a few pics before I package it up to send it off.

It's so long it filled my clothes line completely!!!

And with it all hanging up and looking so delicious I couldn't help but take a few snaps of it with my Hipstamatic iPhone app

It was ordered for a children's services event and I have my fingers and toes crossed that I get to see pics of it in use - if i do I'll be sure to share.

September 16, 2010

New Stockist - Moonlight & Whimsy

I would like to introduce Giggleberry's latest stockist, Moonlight & Whimsy.

At Moonlight & Whimsy "WE BELIEVE in thinking outside the box. WE BELIEVE in the extraordinary and the unique. WE BELIEVE in helping you make your next event as individual as you are – whether it’s a wedding for 200 or a dinner party for 5…and WE BELIEVE the sky’s the limit. Whether you’re looking for the perfect favors for your themed party or wedding celebration, or innovative lighting ideas – or perhaps something “a little bit different” for your next dinner or garden-party, we have a huge range to suit! "

Checkout all their goodies here:

September 15, 2010

Kids rooms finished!

I have found a quiet moment to finally show you what I have done in the Jr Giggleberry's bedrooms.
Remember HERE I showed you this sneak peak at my ideas?

They have now all come together - Yay!

Milla's room is lime green and purple. I went with these colours as she had a lime green IKEA hippo pattern blanket in her cot as a baby and LOVES it so much she still sleeps with it every night so it lives on the end of her bed on top of her purple doona that she picked out when she went into a 'big girl bed'.

I took this colour scheme into the HUGE tree decal that is the feature of her room by asking for most of the leaves to be lime green and all the acorns and animals to be purple. I have added to this wall a few little birdhouses I couldn't resist from Sweet Little Birdie

I am loving that her room is big enough to have her play kitchen in it without taking over the whole room.

I still adore Milla's custom sewn artworks by Moonmum. A new addition to her room is the fun painted wooden letters from Stix & Stones and my girl wouldn't be satisfied if there wasn't her dress up basket and hobby horse close by too!

and of course no Jr Giggleberry's room would be complete without some bunting!

Onto Capt'n Harrison's room....

This room is 90% done... We still haven't bought a 'big bed' as Harris is still too little to climb up to a big bed but was becoming too much of a monkey to stay in a cot! And because we haven't chosen a bed yet we aren't sure how much space we'll need for it so the plan to mount a real boat steering wheel on his wall that will spin, so Harris can play pirates, is being put off until then.

I have been one lucky girl and won a few giveaways in the past 12 months that has helped me gather the piratey bits for this room. I won the Pirate's Life quote from Quote The Walls and the Harrison's World map in the frame I won from Vidastyle

A bit of bunting above his window and mirrored cupboard is a fun splash of colour!
I'd love to find a beaten up old trunk for his room to be a 'treasure chest' where I could keep all his toys..... hmmmm the hunt is on!

September 10, 2010

Weekend plans?

What are you up to this weekend? Catching up with friends? Doing a bit of spring cleaning? Just taking it easy?

If you are happen to be in Victoria, Australia on Sunday why not pop into Sugar and Spice Children's Market. This gorgeous handmade market, located in the heated St Ambrose Hall in Woodend, has something for everyone - even the dads!

Free face painting, cupcakes and coffee, a 'Dad's Corner', and an absolute plethora of stunning handmade goodies for kiddies on sale from a wide variety of talented sellers. Check out what's on offer HERE. With only 106 days until the Jolly guy in the red suit pops by this is the perfect chance to grab some Christmas goodies!

If you are one of the first 100 shoppers through the door on Sunday morning you will also receive a FREE goodie bag!! You might even spot a pack of 'giggle berries' from Giggleberry inside the goodie bag!

All profits raised from this weekends market will be kindly donated to Felicity so from 10am to 2pm happy shopping!!