January 30, 2012

Australia Day's yellow and green BBQ

Australia Day is always a nice excuse to have a day off work and spend time with family and friends. Just like Australia Day last year (that I blogged about HERE) we had a BBQ at our place so I took the opportunity to play around with decorations.
The BBQ wasn't decided on until the last minute so once again I went to my 'Party Cupboard' to see what I could pull together. I wanted to be a little different to last years red, blue and white theme so went with the Aussie green and gold.

A yellow table cloth thrown over two tables to make one big square table was easy enough. I was then trying to think of a 'centre piece' while hanging some clothes on my line when I spotted some yellow flowers (I don't even know what kind they are) growing in our garden. So a few of those and some greenery went in glass jars that had yellow fabric tied around them and the middle of the table was looking complete.

I went through my spare flag stash and pulled out any that were green or yellow and ended up with quite a decent amount of bunting to hang above the table alongside some green and yellow paper lanterns I had shoved in my cupboard.

Hanging from the lanterns I had green and yellow ribbons then a handful of Australia slang words that were based around eating were made from old magazine letters onto cardboard gift tags. Words like Tucker, Grub, Barbie & Coldie were used and added a bit of conversation fun.

With a lunch menu of lamb leg, sausages, corn cobs, roast potatoes, salad and of course pavlova mixed with a splash in the kiddie pool, listening to Triple J's Hottest 100 and quality time spent with family the day was just lovely!

What did you get up to?

Customer Feedback Photos - Professional

I LOVE seeing Giggleberry Creations buntings 'in action' so much and adore when I open my inbox to find someones happy snaps of them. Today I got to see the result of a photo shoot by the very talented Ashley Glasco that involved some Giggleberry buntings and I think you would agree they are fabulous!

Check out more of Ashley's amazing work HERE on her blog. You'll be caught flicking through her photos for ages :)

January 27, 2012

Happy Friday Find!

It's Friday - what are your plans for the weekend? any big parties or special events that have an excuse for you to dress up??

When I spotted this awesome bunting dress by Mara Hoffman on Pinterest this afternoon I wished I had it hanging in my wardrobe and that I also had somewhere fabulous to wear it....
Happy Friday xx

January 24, 2012

Skiing themed 40th birthday party - decorations!

With hubby's Ski themed party (read THIS post) being at a restaurant we are limited in what we can do for decorations. Never fear though - there is always something we can come up with.
I scoured etsy and eBay for ski inspired things and have a small collection of things that we plan to scatter on the tables for the night.

A handful of these little skier figurines

A splash of some vintage ski cloth patches

A pair of hubby's old ski boots (which will also serve a duel purpose - more on that later)

and these little blue ski's that were hubby's first ever pair as a little boy

All mixed with some very cool bits and pieces designed by Cake Ink. to match the invites (Again, I'll show you those later) and the tables will be themed just right on the night!
Any other ideas you have?? Have you seen something that would be perfect??

January 20, 2012

Happy Friday Find!

Busy, busy, busy - life, Giggleberry and family and keeping me on my toes at the moment - you know how busy I am when the last post on this blog was the last Happy Friday Find exactly a week ago! I haven't had much time to blog let alone relax... but all is good, just busy.
If I did find 30 mins free to relax and treat myself I'd head to a nail salon and have a manicure and these 'Peachy Keen Bunting Nails' by Daaaang Girl is what I would ask the nice lady to paint for me - too cool!!

Heck, if I had 60mins to spare I'd get a pedicure while I'm at it and get the bunting painted on my toes as well!!
Happy Friday xx

January 13, 2012

Happy Friday Find!

Being the end of the second week of 2012 I really needed to get my butt in gear to find a calendar for the year ahead. I have one on my Mac and one on my iPhone but I still love to have a paper one hanging somewhere in my home to see everything written down and in some sort of jumbled-but-makes-sense-to-me-order.

I couldn't believe my luck when literally stumbled upon this beauty - A Paper Bunting 2012 Calendar by Curious + Company.

It was love at first sight so with a quick email to double check they would send me one all the way from the US I have my new calendar on it's way!! Yay!
Happy Friday xx

January 9, 2012

Skiing themed 40th birthday party - Invitations!

My gorgeous hubby, Matthew, is only weeks away from turning the 'big 4-0'! But a party has been in the works for much more than a few weeks - you know me with my party planning ;)
Matt picked the theme - SKIING. He has been a ski lover for as long as he can remember going skiing for the first time ever at 4 years old! Matt has traveled the world following the white powder he loves so much and can't wait for our kids to be a little bit older so he can take them down a mountain for the first time.... so the theme couldn't be more perfect!

After a few suggestions thrown around we decided on booking a few tables at a restaurant for the party would be best. So the Bavarian Bier Cafe is where we are booked for Feb 18th.

I can't help but go past this great restaurant (and personal favourite of hubby's) for the 'European Ski Lodge Feel' that the party is calling out for.

With date and place booked in let's talk invitations! Straight to Cake Ink. I went (again) and asked the ever talented and lovely Samone if she could create an invite to look a little like a ski pass and boy did she deliver!! We are calling the resuarant for the night 'Matthew's Mountain Lodge' and the invitation points out it was established in 1972 - hubby's birth year.

I found some bargain lanyards and plastic sleeves on eBay to complete the 'ski passes' and am thrilled with the result!!

The invites are personalised for each guest and states 'Ski Passes Must Be Worn On The Night To Be Valid' - I reckon this will get everyone into the mood and add some fun. I've also had the all clear from the restaurant to take along a few props and simple decorations on the night for the tables so Samone and I are having LOTS of fun creating some goodies that's I'll share with you soon enough.

On a side note - how seriously CUTE are the tiny blue skis in the background of these photos?? They are the first ever pair of skis hubby used at age 4!! My father in law found them only a few months ago after a big clean up and gave them to us - I LOVE them!!

January 6, 2012

Happy Friday Find - DIY

Nothing like a quick and simple DIY to keep you hands busy over the weekend. This is a super cute idea found on Polka Dot Made blog.

Stencilled Bunting Napkins! With the step by step instructions on Polka Dot Made I think I need to whip a set of these up in fun summery colours for the next time we have a casual BBQ at our place!!
Happy Friday xx

January 5, 2012

Bunting for Wayside 'in action'

Remember the 83m of bunting I made for The Wayside Chapel from 100% donated fabrics and ribbon (See post HERE) It was made for Wayside's annual Christmas Day Street Party to add a festive touch to such a great event.

Just check out these great pics of the day where you can see the bunting hanging above the HUGE crowd of guests that celebrated Christmas in such a fabulous way!


January 3, 2012

Back from holidays and ready for 2012!

Happy New Year!

The Giggleberry family arrived home yesterday from our short break by the beach - it was absolutely wonderful! Good company, good weather, good food and many many memories made! The bags are almost all unpacked and the Christmas decorations are packed away for another year.

All orders that have come through since the 24th of Dec are being worked through and sent out. Our custom orders list is ready to have orders added to it - just email me at: giggleberrycreations@gmail.com

Lets jump into 2012 and see what is in store together.