September 21, 2011

Halloween Wreath DIY

I am a lover of Halloween! I wish Australia embraced it more and we decorated our homes etc just like the all out awesomeness you see in the US! Hubby and I were in the States the week before Halloween in 2007 and I could have just driven around the streets all day looking at the homes covered in webs, grave yards in the front lawns, fake witches & ghosts flying over roof tops & orange pumpkins everywhere!!

Last year I carved my first pumpkin and it sat on our door step for Halloween but this year I want to do a little more to make the house look spooky fun!

With the help of trusty (and addictive) Pinterest I spotted a few wreath options but this one caught my eye the most - seriously how cute and fun is that! Originally from Better Homes and Gardens HERE this wreath is just too easy to not make one... so I did!

I made mine a little different to the Better Homes and Gardens instructions but just as easy and still as cute, I think :)

With just a wire coat hanger wrapped in two black feather boas I had the base wreath done. Then with a pack of 6 ping pong balls and some googly eyes I hot glue gunned on the eye balls (I think it could do with some more, maybe in a smaller size?) then add a orange and black ribbon bow and you're done - Easy!

My delivery guy will have a giggle when he knocks on my door in October!


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Anonymous said...

I do believe Miss Amy, that you are to Halloween what I am to Christmas ! Love watching you get excited for this event.