July 29, 2009

I still say Absolutely!

3 years I married my wonderful hubby and when it came to the part where you say "I do" I said "Absolutely"!
Both the ceremony and the reception were held at Peppers Manor House in the NSW Southern Highlands. Although it was the middle of the Aussie winter our day was a stunning sunny day!

Why is it that it takes your wedding anniversary coming around for you to pull out the huge, gorgeous and expensive wedding album and take a look?

So many lovely, happy memories from our day!

We spent the night at the Manor House then headed off on our honeymoon sailing our private yacht (named Ripple) around the Whitsundays..... ahhhh bliss!

Happy Anniversary Hubby xoxo


Treasury Fun!

Thanks to The Rainbow Room for including Giggleberry's fun newly listed 'Woodstock Polka Dots' bunting banner to her Treasury. This colourful and rainbow party themed collection was inspired by the 4th birthday of someone special - check it out HERE


July 24, 2009

Fabric Friday!

I think my addiction is starting to get a bit out of hand and I don't mind one little bit - my fabric addiction that is!
I have been shopping both on and off the web like crazy in the past week or two and have a pile of fabulous fabrics slowly growing next to my sewing machine.

I had a custom order I needed to go to my local fabric shop for so while I was there it seems a few, (well maybe a bit more than a few) more fabrics somehow ended up in the basket.... I then came home and had a rush of blood to the head that saw me empty the paypal account by buying even more fabric online!!
Now it's just a matter of waiting for my lovely postman to deliver my goodies. In the mean time here is a sneak peak of what my stash looks like....

And these are just some of the fabrics I'm waiting for

Can't wait to get sewing.... so many new banners to make - Yay!!


July 21, 2009

Kookie Kids!!

The fabulous and fun Kookie Kids team has been lucky enough to have a two day feature on the Handmade Kids blog!

The first part of the feature had four team members featured including Tida Bella Monkey, Sunweeds, Felt Food Creations & Angel Lea Designs.
Part two featured Here We Go loopy Lou, Vanilla Pixie, JaEm Art and yours truly - Giggleberry Creations!

What a great way to get the word around about our great team of talented Aussie artists and crafters of kids products! And I just LOVE the statement used to describe Giggleberry Creations..... "Giggleberry is like the mecca for bunting"... I'll have to remember that one for the future!

July 17, 2009

Did someone mention Giggleberry??

I'm always so very grateful to the wonderful people out there in 'Internet World' who are kind enough to mention Giggleberry Creations and this week has been a busy one for mentions - Thanks!

I am the latest 'Mommaprenuer' on Cafe Handmade this week - Take a look HERE for the interview and some happy snaps too.

featured on cafe handmade

You can see Giggleberry's 'Strawberries and Cream' banner in the gorgeous treasury titled Winter Warmth by Jewelflyt

And Giggleberry's 'Polka Dot Damask' banner is a part of the sweet Blue Damask treasury by Handmade by Fasiska - her very first treasury ever!

Thanks to all who mentioned Giggleberry this week - you've made my week a great one.
Happy clicking and commenting everyone.


July 15, 2009

The *Top Secret* is not a secret anymore... YAY!

Some of you may remember I posted a few weeks ago how I was working on some fun new listings for Giggleberry Creations. I only gave you a sneak peek at the time but now I am so excited to be able to share with you Giggleberry's brand NEW range of ADD ONS!

Thanks to Rachel of Pink Lizzy Sews for the inspiration behind these fun new ways to make your Giggleberry Bunting Banner even more unique!

Currently we have sweet and fun little 'Jingle Bells' listed. You can choose from either Silver, Gold, Copper or Rainbow bells and I will firmly hand sew one to the points of each flag in your selected bunting banner - how fun. Just imagine these guys tinkling in the breeze outside or near an open window!

Stay tuned for all kinds of other fun and fabulous ways to make your One Of A Kind Giggleberry Creation with ADD ONS!


July 14, 2009

It's Tuesday and I can't wait.....

I just can't wait for the parcel I have just put together and posted off via snail mail to arrive at the recipients door! I'm talking about the Swapapalooza craft swap parcel... being my very first craft swap I was rather excited to put all the bits and pieces together.

I've been hunting down inspiration and suggestions and one particular comment that stuck out was this one from Kathleen of Heavenly Handmades who said "I would want to be spoilt" she also said "Personally, if you were sending me a swap I would be secretly hoping for some bunting that was tea party themed! I would also really like craft goodies and maybe a chocolate bar too." Thanks Kathleen.... I loved these ideas and decided I would do it around a particular theme... Cherries!
Here is a pic of what I ended up putting together:

There is
A roll of red satin ribbon
A roll of white grosgrain ribbon with cherries printed on it
A selection of red buttons
A selection of green buttons
A piece of red chenille fabric
A set of 'Cherrilicious' fabric backed gift tags (from Tagged By Giggleberry)
A set of red and white bunting (from Giggleberry Creations)
and as Kathleen suggested, a chocolate bar... a Cherry ripe of course.

I don't want to say who the parcel is off to just yet in case I ruin the surprise but a little hint won't hurt right? The recipient has recently posted on her blog that she has an up and coming market stall... so maybe the red and white bunting set could help her stall stand out from the others??

I'll be sure to share pics of what arrives for me as soon as it comes.

July 13, 2009

I'm hunting for some votes...... Please

Oh goodie, a friendly little competition to make the beginning to the week a fun one. Giggleberry's 'Vintage Sailor' bunting banner is one of today's three 'Vote Etsy' items.

How It Works: Each day (US time) three new Etsy listings are displayed HERE and folks can vote on their favorite listing of the day - easy! No need to join up, subscribe, log in or any of that just one click of the vote button and you're done!
If you have just a few seconds free I would LOVE it if you could pop in a vote for Giggleberry..... it would surely put the giggle in Giggleberry's day.

Thanks so very much in advance.....I'll let you all know how we go. Fingers crossed!


Finally Finished!

With winter almost half way over I figured I better get a move on the unfinished Crazy quilts for the girls.... to refresh you memory this is Harrison's, made from all my 'boy' fabric cut offs.

So this is Milla's, made from some of my 'girlie' fabric cut offs

Originally I was going to use all my polka dots and stripe fabrics to make Fliss a quilt but when I went through my off cuts I noticed allot of red, black and whites and thought they looked perfect for her.

I was rather chuffed when we headed out on Saturday morning and all three kids were under their blankets in the car!


July 12, 2009

What would you want to arrive in the post?

I posted a few days ago that I have signed up for my first craft swap - THE MEGA CRAFT AND MIX CD SWAPAPALOOZA THE SEQUEL, through the Georgie Love blog. Now that the entry date has closed I have received my 'swap partners' details ready to send off some goodies so this is where I'd love some help and/or inspiration....

What would you love to have arrive via snail mail? crafty goodies? something already made? both? neither? I'd love my partner to be so very excited by what she receives. So with a little help from you all surely I could put something fun together.


July 10, 2009

Sailed to the Front Page!

I just LOVE Craft Cult! A great website set up just for us Etsians to check out the latest hearts for both out shops and for individual items and also a quick check to see (fingers always crossed for this one) if one of your items has been featured on the Front Page of Etsy recently.

I pop into Craft Cult once a day when I get a chance to check what Giggleberry Creations is up to so when I pop in this morning and saw I had a BIG jump in hearts I thought I better take a look in the Vault... sure enough Giggleberry had been featured on the Front page just last night (well night time for me)
The item lucky enough to be featured was this vintage style set of flags titled 'Vintage Sailor'.

Thanks Etsy admin for choosing my bunting - you have made my day!!


July 8, 2009

Kids Style File!

Yay - I had an email this morning to tell me Giggleberry had been featured on the fabulous Kids Style File blog.

"KidStyleFile is Australia’s first and only resource dedicated to bringing you the news on premium, designer and boutique baby and kids clothes, gear, decor, nursery items and toys. KSF helps you stay informed on beautiful new products coming to market, and gives you the inside scoop on sales, and broker special offers.
You can also ‘meet’ designers and store owners, find out more about amazing products, and get informed with the product reviews and special features.
KSF is passionate about boutique and unique baby and kids design, and search high and low to bring you the news on the finest products the market has to offer. All the best baby and kids online stores are represented on KidStyleFile. From the well-established to the brand-new, you know if they’re here, they’re worth knowing about!"

What a compliment! The post is titled 'Five Fabulous Finds: From DIY to MIYB' and features a collection of gorgeous items for decorating a child's bedroom from sellers on madeit.com.

You can take a look at the Minnie Mouse Polka Dots bunting banner that was featured HERE or HERE.


July 7, 2009

It's Tuesday and I can't wait..... to share my Top Secret new item!

You may have read in a recent post HERE that I have been working on a few new Top Secret items that will be listed in store soon.... I thought I'd give you all a little teaser sneak peek at one of them....

"What?! That's it?!" I can hear you all saying..... sorry, I want to work out all the 'in's and out's' before I go listing crazy to make sure they work out just perfect. So you'll have to stay tuned for more updates!

Be sure to check out Buttons by Lou Lou blog for other "It's Tuesday and I can't wait" posts.