September 12, 2011

Socks for your hobby horse!

Remember way back HERE when I told you about Milla finding 'Monday' her absolutely gorgeous handmade hobby horse from Calamity Bolt? well since then another horse has joined our family. The latest addition is a handsome red and navy stallion (just like THIS ONE) owned by Harris that he has named 'Rocket'.
These two horse are adored by my kids and are ridden almost every day whether being raced, used as brave horses by the King (Harris) and princess (Milla) or even just quietly sitting being 'fed' and 'watered' by their owners.
I took this quick clip a few months ago of the horses 'in action' just before dinner one night and had to send it to Elke who is the uber clever maker of these stunning horses.

When Elke saw the clip she told me about her latest addition to the Calamity Bolt range - Riding Socks!

Now I have never minded the tap tap tap of the wooden stick on the tiles as the kiddies run around on their horses but these socks are just too cute right?! Made from 'pre-loved denim plus thick knit weave and with hand-stitched detail for a snug fit' these babies are such a great idea!
And look now - just as loved but now more gentle on the floor - wonderful!!

Thanks again Calamity Bolt - we love our goodies from you!!

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