September 4, 2011

Father's Day 'Party'

While food shopping on Tuesday this week Milla asked why we were buying 'pancake sauce' (maple syrup) so I told her mummy would make pancakes for dad for Father's Day. This lead to questions about Father's Day and the easiest way I found to explain it was to tell Milla it's like a party day for all the daddies.... "Can we have a party for dad?" she asked (girl after my own party planning heart) and it was decided that on Sunday we would have a Father's Day Breakfast Party!

So a little party put into action in 5 days - no worries. I went straight to Catch My Party to find some FREE Father's Day printables. Next I pulled out my Chalk Board Speech Bubble (I knew that thing would come in handy) and took some pics of the kids with D A D on the chalk board. After a quick sneaky trip to Office Works to print it all off I had everything cut, made and ready to go.
At the last minute the gorgeous ladies from The Inspiried Occasion express posted some glass milk bottles to us for out chocolate milkshake breakfast party drinks and we were ready for the 'party'.

This morning we told hubby to stay in bed until we came to get him and then headed into the kitchen to prepare the 'party'.


Table setting


Pancakes & Coffee

And some very satisfied party guests!

Happy Father's Day!!!!


emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

A girl after my own heart! We did a father's day party breakfast too! Ours was superhero (ie superdad) themed as we have some little ones who are very obsessed with superheros at the moment. So much fun!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh yay for Daddies!! We were very lucky to have Daddy walk in the door last night (a day early, surprise) & all the way from Brisbane, he brought trays of mangoes & fruit, so it was his party for us!! Happy Father's day in your world, love Posie

Unknown said...

Well done - love it!! Looks so good - you are so organised... we were still working out where to go on the morning of, let alone having a whole breakfast planned ;)