November 30, 2011

A cheeky quest for votes *wink, wink*

Louisa from The Little Big Company is currently running a competition through the Little Big Company blog.

Entrants send in a photo of anything Creative for Christmas - ornaments, dessert tables, decorations etc etc. There are a bunch of fun ideas coming in that can be seen on the blog HERE and yesterday it hit me that I could join in.... I sent in a before and after photo of the plastic ball pits ball 'baubles' on our row of trees along our driveway (see HERE). Louisa has now added it to the entrants and it's voting time - this is where my quest for votes comes in - The Creative Christmas photo with the most votes wins a $100 gift voucher to spend at The Little Big Company's online store (Oh how I could do that in 30 seconds!!)

Soooooooo, do you have a spare moment and feel like popping over to the blog post HERE pretty please? All you need to do is leave a comment saying you vote for the Giggleberry Creations row of trees pic (or something similar) - easy!

The competition ends Dec 15th and I have my fingers and toes crossed :)

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