December 1, 2011

A festive book per night Advent Calendar!

I can not claim this idea but I love it so much I had to share our version of it. I first spotted it on Babyccino Kids Blog about 12 months ago - A Christmas Book Advent Calendar!

Starting with a small stash of books we already had, a few added by Grandma Giggleberry and the rest bought online from The Book Depository I had a selection of 24 Christmas books that tucked away in my cupboard. Last night I wrapped each book individually in newspaper and popped them in a basket.

From today, December 1st, onwards the kids are allowed to un-wrap one book per night to read with mum and dad before bed. When no books are left to read that must mean Santa is coming!!!

There are big books, small books, touchy-feely books, open flap books, fun books, serious books, music books and every Christmas book in between. And with the basket tucked in the perfect spot between our Christmas tree and my comfy reading armchair I can see a new tradition being created! Yay!


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emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Now that is a tradition that I LOVE! I am so going to steal that idea for next year! I adore books and remember very fondly that Mum used to get out the Christmas books especially at the beginning of December every year. Your kids will love it.