November 22, 2011

30th Birthday Dinner!

What a weekend we had! Starting with my sister, Erin's 30th birthday dinner on Friday night. We took advantage of the family all being together for my brothers wedding on Sunday and got together for dinner at a small restaurant near my parents house. I wanted to make the dinner a little more special for Erin.

I had a think about how I could decorate a table at a restaurant with just things I could bring along on the night that wouldn't bother the staff but would a bit of birthday fun!
Starting with a bunch of gorgeous handmade paper flowers from Flower Thyme I had a colour combo to work with: Turquoise, purple and grey. So next I went to the lovely ladies of Cake Ink. (love these clever ladies!!!) with a few ideas I had...

Each party guest had a 'Find-a-word' placemat with words about the birthday girl, a pencil to do the find-a-word, a personalised coaster and a retro paper straw with a 'straw disc' that all matched. I also asked Cake Ink. for some Thank you tags which I attached to a purple and white swirl lollipop, from The Little Big Company, for each guest. Everyone, young and old had lots of fun with the interactive placemats!

Throw in two helium giant balloons from Little Sooti in matching purple and grey and we had a party table that was fun, personalised and easy!

But no party is complete without a cake... A HUGE thank you to Leora of Party Cakes by Leora for her A-MAZING work in making a cupcake mural of Erin!! Seriously, how cool is that!! Erin loved it and we all had a little giggle while choosing what piece of face to eat!!

Happy Birthday Ezz!!


Thank You Gifts said...

This is fab! Just a few little touches and a normal meal is made extra special. Those little cakes are amazing! I have seen one large cake with a pic before but never a mural! I have a close friends 30th coming up soon and hope you don't mind me stealing some of your ideas. I am also planning a hen weekend and some of these ideas would fit into that too! :D thank you!

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

I have never seen a cake like that - wow! Love the interactive placemats too. It really does make it extra special to add those little touches. You really do have the knack! Your sister would have loved it!

Lou La La said...

Ahh that looks lovely! xx