November 29, 2011

Butterfly Party - Food table!

The party is this Saturday - yay! Finally I get to put all the butterfly goodies, that are piling up in my sewing room, together and enjoy! With just a few days to go it's time to start getting serious about party food. As I mentioned before this party is just afternoon tea so no major operation has to happen to get everyone fed an entire meal but a selection of fun party food is a must I think.
There are party food favourites that can be tweaked a little to tie in with the butterfly theme. Starting with good old Fairy Bread. Make it as usual then using a butterfly shaped cookie cutter cut out a shape and add a must stick down the centre - easy!

And what about coloured popcorn? it's always a hit with kids so I just needed a fun butterfly way to serve it. With some basic clear plastic cups and a butterfly cupcake wrapper placed inside the kids have a little serve of fun popcorn that looks good too.

I'm also thinking I could make a bundle of THESE simple but cute butterfly cookies.

There are a few other sweet treats I will put together on Friday that will complete the afternoon tea menu.
For 'dressing' the table I have made a table skirt from the butterfly fabric the theme & colour choice.

Then the table top with have a selection of white platters (a little trick I have learnt along my party planning loving way is to use scrap booking paper in the colour/theme/pattern of your theme, between your platters and food. It gives the table a nice cohesive look & is super easy!). I also have a set of these cute butterfly dishes in white from Pink Frosting that will hold a selection of treats to munch.

Juice & water will be available for the kids to drink and I will get to use my new glass drink dispenser from Lily Chis Events (yay). All the food will have custom made labels thanks to Occasion By Design.

To make life easy for the end of the party I have gone for just serviettes for eating - it's all little finger food anyway and have also a bunch of the matching paper cups. I chose these ones as they match the theme and colours the best.

Then there is, of course, the cake! Yes, it will be a butterfly and yes, it was chosen by the birthday girl - I'll leave it a surprise for now but your clue is: It's from one of the Australian Women's Weekly kids cake books.....

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emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

a few great little tips in there - thanks! All the best for Saturdays party! Love those butterfly fairy breads