November 5, 2011

Marrying A Fireman Survival Kit

In just 2 short weeks my little brother (not so little anymore but I like to still say it just to bug him) is marrying his sweetheart - awwwww. I can't wait to see all their garden wedding plans come together and the two of them to enjoy their day... oh and I'll finally get to put together the candy buffet I am creating for them as a gift too - more on that after the wedding though.

Tomorrow is the Hen's Day (or for any US readers: bridal shower). We are having a fun and relaxed lunch together at a Tapas restaurant in Manly - lots of chatting, eating & giggles! Like normal I can't go empty handed but with instructions not to bring gifts I put my thinking cap on to come up with a fun box of goodies for the bride to be to open... something a little different to the Bridal Survial Kits I've seen around I had a play with it and make it suit the couple. My brother is a fireman so I came up with this:

"Marrying A Fireman Survival Kit"

In the box is:

A pack of tooth picks - to help her pick out his hero qualities
A jar of Tabasco sauce - to keep it hot and saucy
A pack of Lifesavers - for her when he is busy being someone else's
A pair of panty hose - to create a ladder he can climb
A roll of yellow caution tape - 'to warn him when he's in trouble'
A tube of burn cream - in case of fireman accidents
A pack of Sparklers - to keep the spark alive
A hose hanger - Somewhere to hang his hose (this one will surely get some giggles)

All pack in yellow and red tissue paper with a note on top that says:
"If you are going to say 'I Do' to a fireman,
There are a few things you'll need first to help your plan.
Enclosed are some goodies to help you survive,
To make it last forever & for the 2 of you to thrive"

Cute hey??
Can't wait to see her open all these and have some fun with them :)


emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

he, he. very cute! you really have the knack for this kind of thing!

christine_percy said...

That's such a great gift!!

christine_percy said...

That is such a cute idea!