November 26, 2011

Decorating our outdoor 'Christmas trees'

Just a little over 12 months ago we moved into our home so this year will be our second Christmas here and the perfect time to start getting fancy in the front yard with Christmas decorations!
Last year I just strung up a few lights, hung some Christmas bunting up and had a wreath on our front door - looked great but I like the idea of having a bit more fun ;)

We have a row of Pencil Pine trees along our driveway so this morning Harris, Milla and I took our big box of 'baubles' out the front and decorated our 'Christmas trees'...


Over the past few months I have been stalking eBay for second hand cheap plastic ball pit balls (the colourful little balls kids play in at IKEA). I ended up with 300 for a bargain! Next step was to attach string to each and everyone of them - a big job that was a little time consuming but not a hard job at all. I just thread thick cotton through them and created a loop with a normal sewing needle. The balls are made of a nice and soft plastic so it's not tricky to do.


There were lots of giggles as we dropped a few and I had to chase them down the street but it only took about half an hour and we were done. What do you think??

Next up is a HUGE wreath I also scored for a bargain on eBay then a few little elf character cutouts to go around the garden... I'll share pics as we go :)


Anonymous said...

oh ! Be still my beating CHRISTMAS heart ! I love it !!!!!!!
Can't wait to see the wreath and the rest of your Christmas goodies.....

Ilja Oostenenk said...

Oooh I love!!!! What a fabulous idea! xx

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

plastic balls from ebay - you really do think outside the square. love it!