November 10, 2011

Butterfly Party - Number Wreath!

If you have been a long time reader here you'll know I like a good wreath or similar hanging on the front door to welcome guests. Remember my Rainbow Ribbon Wreath, Thong Wreath from Australia Day, Halloween Wreath and the Soccer flag I made for Harris' last b'day?... For Milla's Butterfly Party in a few weeks I wanted something fun, butterfly-ish but also really like the idea of the Number Wreaths I've seen around - so with my hot glue gun at the ready I got crafting.

Onto an old cardboard box I free hand drew the number 4. I then cut it out and used it as my template to cut out another four the same and hot glued them all together just to make it nice and strong.

Then did the same again onto scrapbooking paper in a colour to match the party and glued it to the top of the number (if you were keen you could go around and put paper on all the sides too but I figure no one will see there so I didn't bother)

Once that was all dry I took my three sizes of butterfly cut outs I had left over from the other little projects from this party and folded them all in half down the body so the wings look like they are fluttering. Starting with the largest size paper butterflies I hot glue gunned just the body (let the wings stand) sporadically all over the number.

Next I took my middle sized paper butterflies and glued away.

Then lastly filled in all the little gaps with my tiny paper butterflies.

With a ribbon attached to the back it's all ready to hang - Yay!



Kelly said...

It's so pretty xo

Tips from the Heart said...

This "wreath" makes me smile! So bright and cheery! I would love for you to come and show this off at my link party going on right now: