November 17, 2011

Happy (early) Friday Find

Tomorrow my little family and I will be up before the sun and hitting the road for a long weekend away to celebrate my sisters 30th tomorrow night, my brothers wedding on Sunday and everything in between - Yay! So to make life simple I figured I'd share this weeks Happy Friday Find a day early.

Remember the fun of riding your little bike around the street as a kid with streamers hanging from the handle bars, a piece of cardboard pegged to the spokes so it made a noise as it flicked and your little bicycle bell going *Ding, Ding* to signal to your little brother to move out of the way!? I do! So much fun!!

All these memories came flooding back when I spotted this awesome Bunting Garland Bicycle Bell hand made by Peppina Morgenschoen. So cool and clever, I would have loved this as a kid and if I owned a bicycle now I would have snapped this baby up in an instant!
Happy Friday xx

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