December 20, 2011

Easy gift idea for Aussie Summer Christmas!

Do you need a gift for a school teacher? a neighbour? a mother's group/play group friend? a Secret Santa? This one is perfect and sooooo simple!
Head to your local super market to grab all the bits (told you this was simple):

* Beach towel (would be great to find a red or green one to keep in the Christmas colours)
* After-Sun Aloe Vera spray (or sun cream or Aloe body rub - whatever you prefer)
* 1 or 2 magazines - whatever one/s takes your fancy
* Festive ribbon

Un-package the towel then with it folded in half place the magazine/s and After-sun on it and wrap them just like the towel is wrapping paper. Tie it all up with your festive ribbons and you are done!

The perfect gift for your recipient to relax in the summer sun over the Christmas break!!
Merry Christmas x

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