December 19, 2011

Handmade Angry Birds Game!

We had my side of the family Christmas get together on the weekend. We do a 'Secret Santa' gift system for Christmas with the adults in my family - each person has one adult to buy for with a $ limit so each adult gets one decent gift. This year when I saw THIS I couldn't help but make a set myself to put under the Christmas tree for a little extra gift for my mum!!
Mum is a bit of an Angry Birds fan. She doesn't own an iPhone or and iPad but she will find a quiet moment and steal my dad's iPhone or my iPad when we are together and have bit of a play trying to knock all those green pigs from their perches.

With 6 empty tin cans, some paint, a Sharpie and a plastic red ball I made mum an Angry Birds game for her to play any day of the week. I wrapped it all up in a huge box and attached a card that said "Santa couldn't afford an iPad and he know you would only use it for one thing anyway, so Merry Christmas...." - teehee!!

So simple and it got quite a few giggles!!


emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

You are hilarious!! I think my kids would love this game also. MY husband has it on his phone, but I deliberately don't as I know they would be constantly asking me to play! I have seen many birthday parties with this theme also.....maybe your mothers next birthday theme?!

Maxabella said...

Totally brilliant! I'd love one of these for my husbie who is quite partial to an angry bird himself! You are too, too clever. x

cathy@home said...

very funny,they are angry birds fans here.

wheatgerm said...

thats a great idea

New England Quilter said...

Dave (now 4) saw this post and wants his own Angry Birds Game. I think I know rainy day project in our future :)

He also wanted an ipad.