December 1, 2011

Donated fabrics and ribbon turn into 83m of bunting for The Wayside Chapel

Every Thursday I receive the 'Inner Circle' email from Graham Long of The Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross, Sydney. In this email Graham tells a bit of his experiences working at The Wayside Chapel and my Thursday's aren't complete without reading these emails (if you want to get these emails as well, join the mailing list HERE) Anyway about 4 weeks ago the email had a 'call out' in it for anyone who could donate goods, supplies and services for the annual Wayside Christmas Day Street Party where the Wayside staff close down the main street of Kings Cross and feed over 1000 people who would have otherwise be alone and hungry on Christmas day.

Instantly I checked out the 'wish list' to see if there was anything I could donate and when I saw the word DECORATIONS on the list I knew that was something I could do... BUNTING - lots and lots and lots of Christmas bunting!!

I raided my fabric stash for anything green, red, white or Christmas-y and had a small stash to start with but I had visions of ALLOT of bunting that Wayside could use at their Street Party year after year. So it was my turn to make a 'call out'. I contacted some wonderful friends, colleges, family and businesses and asked for fabrics for my little idea.

Bundle after bundle of fabric & ribbon arrived over the next few days and a HUGE thanks goes out to these AWESOME businesses who donated: The Oz Material Girls, Ribbons Galore, Wrapped In Fabric, The Habby Goddess, Em & Femme Designs, Baby Galah, Tea for Evie & Little Sew & Sews (I so hope I haven't forgotten anyone - so so so sorry if I have).

I got cutting and sewing and just this Monday gone I finally finished it all - a whopping 83 metres (the longest amount I've ever sewn for one 'order') of handmade bunting for 100% donated supplies!! Check it out:

Folding it all up and popping it into a box was an effort in itself but I got it posted off to Wayside ready for the Christmas Day Street Party and I reckon it's going to be looking pretty swish :)

Thanks again to all who donated - Mwahh!!


Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

OMG Amy, it looks amazing - you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I just got goosebumps ! I love everything about this SO much. Well done Amy! You're amazing.

Stephanie @ Little Wed Hen said...

What a wonderful story, Amy!