December 12, 2011

Secret Santa/Teacher/Neighbour gift idea...

This is super easy and quick to put together and all the bits you'll need can be found in your local supermarket for a few dollars.

You'll Need:
* A whisk
* 1 pack of Minties (you can choose whatever lollies you want. I went with Minties because they are red, white and green for Christmas)
* A Tea-Towel (I went with a red and white one but you could do a Christmas themed one)
* Christmas ribbon
* Gift card

Fill the 'head' of your whisk with the Minties. Wrap the whisk in the tea towel and tie with your ribbons. Attach your gift tag with a note that reads:
We WHISK you a Merry Christmas

Ta Dah!

Cute hey?? My little girl's pre-school teachers are getting these this year.


Maxabella said...

Very cute! And how I love a pun at Christmas!!!! x

Thea said...

That's gorgeous!
What a great idea.