October 23, 2010

Trial Market set up - feedback please?

Giggleberry Creations will be making it's market debut at Mathilda's Market in Sydney on the 5th of Dec at Lane Cove (Yay). I'm thrilled to be able to show off and sell Giggleberry bunting in person for the first time and am busily sewing up as much stock as possible.
In the meantime I am slowly but surely getting together my market stall set up. There will be a trestle table supplied but the rest is up to me. I think I have 90% of what I wanted now so I decided to do a practice set up today while my babies slept to see if it would actually work out the way I had pictured in my head....

What do you think??

My wonderful brother whipped me up this stand for hanging and displaying my buntings (LOVE it)

I plan to show off some of my customer feedback photos on this gorgeous magnet board by Park Eden

The beautiful Samone of Red letter Studio has made me some 'As seen in...' & 'Published in...' signs to show off in the perspex frame on the end of the table

The buntings will be in these funky white Locker Baskets (from Sweet Little Birdy) for customers to flick through - I think I might need 1 or 2 more of these??

The awesome sign was printed off and laminated by my gorgeous father in law at his work... he also did a few smaller ones that I plan to maybe hang on the wall behind me (If I'm lucky enough to score a wall)

I have a few more bits and peices to add to the final look to make it 'pop' even more but I would be VERY grateful if you PLEASE leave some feedback via the comments about the set up - I'd love any and all ideas, suggestions and improvement ideas.
THANK YOU in advance.


Tiges and Weince said...

Having done A MILLION markets Amy, I think it looks great. Tidy and eye popping. Why don't you email Anne and request a wall, instead of hoping? It may work to you advantage with your signs. I have Mathilda's on Nov 21st & I cant wait. It's one of may favourite markets. I wish you all lots of pre christmas sale success!!

Corrie said...

gorgeous!!!! looks lovely! I started doing markets last year and a trial run makes things run smoothly!

see you there on 5th december!


MooBeeTees said...

It looks great Amy - so colourful and eye catching. I'd also aim to try and get your sign/a sign above your rack - that way people can see you from a distance and you still have the front of your table to show off your wares, rather than having to cover your bunting up.

You will have so much fun - and then you'll become a market junkie like the rest of us :0)

Jen said...

Looks fabulous Amy! I have never done a market but been to many and I would definately stop at yours! Hope you sell heaps!!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Absolutely wonderful!! You did a great job!