October 17, 2010

Rainbow of Ribbon party games and crafts

So we've got a date set for the party. The invites have gone out. Decorations are starting to take shape. Now what to do with the little party guests to keep them interested and entertained for the duration of the party???
I did a little google searching and found this GREAT idea that will fit in just perfect with both the rainbow and the ribbons idea of Milla's upcoming party - A ribbon scrap rainbow artwork!

Thanks so much to Mama Jenn blog for this idea.
Just like Jenn I have so many ribbon bits and pieces that I just can't bring myself to throw away, the old "Just in case" sticks with me for crafty bits and in this situation it has paid off. I have cut all the ribbons into small pieces and sorted them into the 5 separate containers, one for each colour of a rainbow. I will draw 5 lines on an A4 piece of paper and copy it so each child at the party will have one.
With a couple of pots of glue, some paint brushes the containers of ribbon scraps and rainbow outlined pages all set up on a little child sized table I'm sure this will be a fun activity and also something the kids can take home too!

The other game I just can't go past for a kids party is good old Pass the Parcel. To make it a little different and to tie it into the ribbon theme a bit I decided to wrap the rainbow ribbon themed little gift (more on it in a post later this week) in white paper then wrap it in a brightly coloured ribbon, next is more white paper then another ribbon - until the whole rainbow of colours are used. How cute is that?!?

As a little extra bonus each layer also has a gold foil chocolate coin or 2 in it.

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