October 4, 2010

Party planning fever has struck again...

I've got the party planning bug again - YAY!!
My little girl turns 3 at the end of November. I am not planning to throw huge parties for every birthday for my kiddies (too hard) but I do like the idea of a fun theme to run with for the day and it's always a good excuse to get the Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and cousins over for a casual BBQ to celebrate.

I have adored some of the rainbow parties I have spotted floating around blog land but didn't want to be exactly the same as everyone else so after a little thinking & Google searching I finally decided...

This little soiree will have a Rainbow Of Ribbons theme!! Think ribbon wands, ribbon decorations, ribbon invites, ribbon party favors, ribbon cake decorating even ribbon foods and sweets all in every colour of the rainbow!!

I'm having a BALL making things, planning food and buying little bits and pieces as I go so as I pull it all together I'll show you a few snippets starting with the invites.

I was soooo excited this weekend to receive an email with a pic of the invites from the uber talented ladies, Simone & Janelle of Cake Ink.. I have LOVED every single thing I have seen created by Cake Ink. (seriously you HAVE to check out their blog HERE for all their stunning recent events) and just knew these girlies would do an amazing job of what I was after and couldn't be more thrilled with the result! Simone and Janelle have created the most adorable personalised invites and printables for the party with the vague ideas I gave them. The invites are card style - here is a sneak peak at the front of them

How so very cool is that ribbon running through the red strip of the rainbow?!? LOVE it!
Even the envelopes have been made to match with the fun rainbow personalisation on the back!!

I can't wait to send these off to the party guests, how could you not smile if you received this in the mail? I'll will keep the gorgeous invite inside and the printables a secret for a bit longer just to keep you in suspense hehehe


Anonymous said...

Totally gorgeous! Can't wait to see more.

Julie-Ann said...

The invitations looked fabulous:). And what a great theme. I'm sure it will be a perfect day.