October 21, 2010

Custom Magnet Board for Giggleberry

Mr postman knocked on my door yesterday with a parcel in hand - I LOVE when that happens! Like a kid on Christmas morning I ripped it open as I knew what it was going to be and couldn't wait to see it!!

Remember HERE I showed you a sneak peak of a custom item being handmade by Ali from Park Eden? Well this is the very item I received yesterday. A custom Fabric covered magnet notice board with coordinating Giggleberry logo magnets!!

How so VERY, VERY, VERY cool is that!?! I LOVE it and have it already hanging in Giggleberry HQ, Yay!
Thank you sooooo much Ali, your work is amazing and I just can't wait to show this off on my Mathilda's Market stall on the 5th of Dec!!

1 comment:

Tiges and Weince said...

Great board. I checked out who made them & lucky me I am doing a market with her on Saturday!! I am sensing a purchase coming on! Cute magnets Amy.