October 19, 2010

Tied With A Ribbon

Through my planning and bloging about Milla's Rainbow of Ribbons birthday party coming up in late November I have been lucky enough to meet the very lovely and VERY clever Jemima of Tied with a Ribbon

Like many of us 'micro business' owners Jemima started Tied with a Ribbon after her handmade creations were ohh'd and ahh'd at by many friends and family members. Jemima told me that earlier this year a special friend of hers gave her the "very big push" she needed to take the leap and start a business - Yay!

Now in my last post I told you about the Pass the Parcel game I had planned ready for Milla's party but I also said I would tell you more about the final prize that is in the parcel in another post - this is it:

One of Tied with a Ribbon's latest Hairclip Hangers. How PERFECT is it!?! Rainbow? Check. Ribbons? Check. Gorgeous? Check!
When I asked Jemima about her Hairclip Hangers she told me "My Favourite item to make at the moment would have to be these Hairclip Hangers. I love choosing fabrics, ribbon and felt to create an individual and gorgeous way to tidy up those hairclip boxes always overflowing with ribbons and clips." And you can tell - the fabrics are gorgeous and the handiwork that has gone into these padded fabric hangers is faultless! My fav bit is that this hanger would hold soooooo many clips (perfect for my little girls collection!) and it can also hold the sweet ribbons girls love to tie in their hair.

Check out the other 2 designs Jemima has listed in her etsy shop - Babushka and Cupcake - CUTE!
Seriously, think Christmas gifts for all the little girls you know - they will LOVE these I'm sure.

Clearly I could waffle on about these forever but I won't drive you bonkers :0 Just do yourself a favor and check out Tied with a Ribbon for some sweet handmade goodies (the 2 pinwheel hair clips in the photo were also made by Jemima!!)

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