October 13, 2010

Rainbow Ribbon Birthday Wreath

I spotted this balloon birthday wreath ages ago on How Does She? and LOVED the idea. (check out the How To HERE)

What fun to have this on your front door to greet party guests or start a tradition of a birthday wreath that comes out of the cupboard each birthday and lives on the birthday boy or girl's bedroom door each year?? CUTE!
So as soon as I decided on a Rainbow of Ribbons theme for Milla's upcoming 3rd birthday I just knew I wanted to do my spin on it.... TaDah:

With just an old wire coat hanger bent into a circle wreath shape (you could bend it into any shape... heart, balloon, wings etc) and a whole lot of ribbon scraps in a rainbow of colours I sat in-front of the TV on night and just tied, tied, tied ribbons until I had the look I wanted.

How fun, effective and SUPER easy is that?

This outside the square - you wouldn't need to do rainbow colours just the colour theme of your party. With Christmas around the corner why not make a red and green one - try using fabric scraps cut into strips for a different look again.
This is also a fun and easy craft for kids!



oscar and ruby said...

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing. I've got a five year birthday coming up. Am going to try and work this into the circus theme somehow....

Anonymous said...

That looks amazing :) What a great idea.....I may have to steal that one for a few parties in January....