October 12, 2010

Moo to the rescue!

There aren't many people I have come across through Giggleberry that don't know about moo.com - and 99.9% of them LOVE all the goodies you can create with moo.
I too am one of these moo lovers and can't believe it's taken me until very recently to work out that the moo MiniCards are just PERFECT for the tags on the packs of 'Giggle Berries' that are included in every Giggleberry Creations purchase.

I had been trying to find the perfect way to add a note onto the little bags and had tried a few things but they weren't exactly what I was after...
But using the super easy 'Text Cards' option for the MiniCards I was able to put the little thank you message on the front and have them made in a selection of colours the same as in my logo. Then on the back of the card is my website, email address and details - Simple and effective I reckon, don't you?

Thanks moo!

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