February 16, 2009

Fabulous Birthday Bash 2009!!

Let the Fabulous Party begin - you're all invited!!
The Fabulous Artistic Moms (FAM) of etsy are turning one and we are having a fabulous party to celebrate!! Now everyone knows there is no party until there has been cake, games and presents so we have worked out a fun way for both fabulous moms and YOU to have all three....
FAM- Fabulous Artistic Moms: FAM Birthday Bash 2009!!

First; The Fabulous Cake -

mmmmmm, doesn't it look yummy??

Second; The Fabulous Game -

This fabulous cupcake image is hidden in 54 of the FAM teams etsy shops somewhere just waiting for you to find it..... if you do you just have to quickly pop over to the team blog HERE and post a comment with the listing URL (http://...) for the item where you found the cupcake, your name, and your e-mail address. Entry posts will not be made public so the cakes can be found by more than one person. (Make sure the URL is for a single listing and not the shop's main page.) The game runs from February 15-21, 2009.

Would you like an extra entry?
1) Visit a different shop and find another cupcake! Post an additional comment HERE with the listing URL (http://...) where you found the cupcake, your name, and your e-mail address. You may leave up to 5 entry comments for finding cupcakes!
2) For every item purchased from one of the shops listed HERE, from February 15-21, you will get an extra entry. Simply post an additional comment HERE with the transaction URL link with your name and e-mail address.

Third; The Fabulous Presents -

After the 21st of Feb the Grand Prize winner and 10 (yes 10) consolation prize winners will be announced on the team blog HERE.... there are some fabulous presents to be won too..... just check out this list of prize donors - WOW!!!
Giggleberry Creations, Whimsical Creations, Annie Howes Keepsakes, Apple Loves Orange, Tender Heart Babies, Michon, Double Dipped Sweets, Handmade by Andrea Baker, Crafts by Carer, Chamberry Cherry Designs, Berry Creek Soaps, Crochet by Momma J, Sweet Pickles Pottery, Elegant Snobbery, Imagine That, Ravishing Jane, Ginger Kitty Designs, Skinner Studio, Alphabulous, LJ Design Photo, Macaroni and Glue, Oh Mandie, New England Quilter, The Tie Die Girl, The Sewing Chic, MOCKFROG Jewelry, Valerie's Gallery and Klymyshyndesign!

Happy cake hunting and HAPPY BIRTHDAY FABULOUS FAM!!!

To see what fabulous items are on offer from the HUGE Fabulous Aristic Mom's team just search FAM team on etsy!!!

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