February 11, 2009

6th in the 6th..... I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Carley from Vanilla Pixie! The tag is to take part in the 6 by 6 game.
Choose the 6th image out of your 6th picture folder from your computer and blog it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same. So here goes.................

Phew!!! I must admit when I realized the 6th folder in my computer pictures file was my kitchen tea party and hen's night file I was a little nervous at the possible photo I would be blogging about..... let's just be glad the 6th photo in that file was from the kitchen tea part and not the hen's night..... oh so many blurry memories! LOL!
This photo is of my sister, Erin, my mum, Barbara and my niece, Briana. It was taken at my kitchen tea picnic in Royal Botanic Gardens infront of the Sydney Opera House on the 8th of July 2006. We were playing pass the parcel and it was mum's turn to remove a layer of paper (with the help of Briana). Inside each layer was a question for either me or about me for the guest to answer... lots of fun and giggles!!

I tag Whimsical Creations, Project Mommyhood, Kidcessory Haven, LJ Design Photo, Polka Dot Moon and AllieArt. Have Fun!!!


SoBella Creations said...

What a great picture!

Carley said...

That was such a fun day!! Briana is so little & Erin's hair so long. I love looking back at old photos

Lorissa J. Longfellow said...

Thanks for Tagging me! Here is my post! http://ljdesignphoto.blogspot.com/2009/02/6th-in-6th-giggle-tagged-me.html

fun, fun.