February 11, 2009

Buy handmade - Support Bush fire victims!

As I posted only a few day ago HERE Australia, in particular Victoria, is experiencing the worst bush fires in our country's history taking with them over 920 properties, numerous livestock and, tragically, at last count, 181 lives. There are still, at least, 50 people unaccounted for.

One of the beautiful thing about Aussies is our ability to band together in times of need like these and help each other in anyway possible... this is once again been proven by the Etsy Down Under Street Team - DUST. The members of this team have opened a shop on etsy HERE. This shop has been set up in response to the Australian Bushfire Tragedy. Australian and other Etsians have donated items for sale with all profits going to the Australia Red Cross.
All items have free International Shipping and new items are listed almost around the clock right now, thanks to the generosity of Etsians from around the globe. So far the shop has had 72 sales and raised around $800 AU!! Truly Fantastic!

If you wish to donate an item for sale check out the details HERE otherwise why not head over to the shop Oz Bushfire Appeal and take a wander through the great handmade items on offer like art work, toys, jewelry, clothing cards and more and spoil yourself while helping such a worthy cause!


Amy said...

I'm definitly posting about this. I saw that little Koala on the news last night- ugh...so sad. Not just Koala but everything. You're in my prayers!

Cindys Creative Crochet said...

This is so tragic!! I did donate a set to the OZ shop and bought a pendant too. Great post tragically sweet photo. i think Candians have a similar mind set to Aussies and I always feel a neighborly kinship.