February 26, 2009

Bubby Wish List Treasury!

With just one thing occupying my mind at the moment I couldn't help use bubby as inspiration for the treasury I was able to snag today - titled Due Any Day Now most of the items in this group are VERY high on the bubby wish list.... some items like the Monkey Wrap from Tida Bella Monkey and a similar outfit from Thula Thula have already reached my mail box after a little 'pre bub' shopping spree...

Click HERE to check out all the gorgeous newborn items in the treasury and if you get a chance feel free to leave a comment too!


SoBella Creations said...

You picked some great items.

Finki said...

beautiful treasury, Today is my sons 1st birthday, and we played the waiting game for him too.

Girls are eager and boys are complacent, so My guess is that your havin' a boy. (:
warm wishes, Jay @ Finki.