November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

I'm sure this day was made just for people like me - with an excuse to dress up and eat all kinds of chocolate and candy, there aren't too many better days of the year!
But sadly in Australia we don't really celebrate Halloween. There might be a few bits of dress up outfits and themed candy in the shops but no one decorates there homes and it's rare that you'll have any little dressed up child knock on your door hoping for a sweet of some kind.
My hubby and I have just returned home after a short trip to the US and being so close to Halloween we were lucky enough to see the holiday lead up.... we saw pumpkins galore, dress up outfits, decorated shop windows and homes from a few pumpkins on the front porch to full blown pretend grave yards built in the front yard!
We must have looked like crazy tourists every time we pulled over to jump out and take photos of peoples homes but I was just amazed at the effort some people put in!!
This one was our favorite... amazing!

We even saw someone's boat that was docked all decorated too. It's not a great photo but if you look closely you can see all the things they have put up including a skeleton in the dingy!!

We had a ball looking at it all and getting caught up in the hype along the way.... I was inspired to go with the spooky halloween thing when we came across this graveyard that had one dying creepy looking tree hanging over some really old head stones and with the old abandoned house in the background I just had to snap a shot in the spirit of Halloween.
Happy Halloween Everyone!! Enjoy!

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Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

We got back from trick or treating a few hours ago. I never knew that in Australia you didn't do that. I am glad your were here in the states to check out our wackiness. You would have laughed seeing my almost 2 yr old try and keep up with the bigger kids. Not only that but her bedtime is usually 6pm and we didn't get started until 6:30 and get home until 8:30. We all had a ball though. She had to go to bed with her plastic pumpkin. =P

=) melanie