November 6, 2008

Now the Jetlag has worn off.....

Now that the crazy switch of complete opposite time zones has faded away - like waking at 3am wanting dinner, feeling like you should be sound asleep tucked in bed in the middle of your day and at dinner time wanting to eat cereal instead of meat and veggies.... I finally feel like I'm functioning 'normally' enough to share our trip with you all.

It's been a week and one day since hubby and I landed back in Sydney, Australia from our trip to the States for further training at The Autism Treatment Centre of America in our daughter Felicity's full time Son-Rise Program.

Hubby and I have named this week away 'Happy Camp' as it gives us such a great boost of motivation, ideas, confidence and rest that we come home bouncing of the walls wanting to play with Felicity in her playroom at full throttle!! We are sure she must think we are crazy and would probably love us to be able to go over to the ATCoA more often so we stay this focused and pumped up all the time.
The week long course we completed is called Maximum Impact, and it's true to it's name. We had theories taught to us at the Start Up Program followed up with great detail such as volunteer training, and the importance of feedback but the biggest lesson we walked away with was all about attitude!!
Felicity is like the perfect lie detector and she knows in an instant if we are in the playroom with her not really wanting to be there - it's these half attempt times that both her and us will not get the amazing benefits possible through the Son-Rise Program if we are in the playroom with real Energy, Excitement and Enthusiasm!!

We can't wait to see what amazing changes we see in us, the program and most importantly Felicity from this week course and so it's heads down bums up into the program - Woo Hoo!!!

If you have just 13 mins to spare take a look at this video which will help explain the revolutionary breakthrough in Autism treatment - The Son-Rise Program - that has and is still recovering children world wide from Autism!!


Morgan said...

I can not wait to watch the video! Congrats on the program!

I have decided to start photographing children with special needs and their families. I am hoping it will be easier on them if I came to them. What do you think?

Cindys Creative Crochet said...

What an amazing story! I never knew you COULD recover from Autism!
Best of luck with your daughters journey to recovery.

Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Absolutely - Anything is possible!!!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

I am wishing you luck with your daughter and her recovery. SOunds like a fabulous program and I am happy there is something out there finally to help kids with autism.