November 7, 2008

Theme Day - Autumn Art!

Oh how I LOVE autumn. I love the changing colors, the cool change in weather, the smell, the dropping of leaves - everything about it!!

In Australia at the moment it is Spring so this may seem like a strange theme to choose but since hubby and I have just got back from the States where Autumn, or Fall as it's called more often, is in full swing and I went crazy with the camera taking photos of every tree with changing colors (that one of my the pics above) I thought what a great way to share some gorgeous handmade items in celebration of a season I love so much.
Now if you go to etsy and type into the search bar Autumn or Fall you'll have thousands and thousands of items to sift through so I decided to narrow my search to Autumn inspired children's art work and just look at some of the wonderful ones I came across...

Firstly I came across this gorgeous print from The Blue Egg perfectly named "Autumn". How cute is the tiny little furry friend in her pocket??

Next find I came across was this cute print from Flutter Brush called "Umbrella". I want an umbrella just like this one!!

Another great one that captures the Autumn wind is called "Up in the Clouds" from Chantal Marie.

I realized that all my finds have had little girls in them so I went on the hunt for a boy print and found this stunning piece from Joseph Blake called "Starting Over" - It's so very sweet!!